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New Shoes

Sometimes my non-bikey friends don’t quite understand my bike obsession. So I have to find ways to make it relatable to those not as familiar with the lifestyle.   I find it makes more sense to compare bikes to shoes than cars or household appliances like vacuum cleaners. Shoe obsessions are very relatable. And both bikes and shoes are very useful […]

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No Butts

The weather is getting colder and I’ve found myself caught behind some cyclists suffering from a very specific problem. It got me thinking… if I ever Kickstarted a bike-related accessory maybe it should be this: But I’m not going to Kickstarter it. I’m afraid it would actually be taken seriously and get crazy over-funded. So, for now, if you […]

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Not Asking for It

The other day I was biking to work when this happened: I wouldn’t think anything of it if it happened once. But I’ve noticed my attire seems to prompt certain responses in other road users. How do I know it’s not just an off day? Because I have the ability to change clothes. Some days I’m this cyclist: […]

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