Bikey Cartoons for Drivers

Everybody Get a Bike

Recently there was a report how to sell people on biking. Turns out that even though safety is a real concern, dwelling on safety messages kind of turns people off. Is this really that surprising? Any salesperson would understand why. (That’s why fine print was invented.) So this got me thinking about advertising bicycling. What kind […]

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The Doors!

You’ve just parked, turned off your car, and given a sigh of relief that you’re no longer stuck in traffic. You reach for your things, kick open your door and CRASH! Okay, so you didn’t “door” a cyclist. But you very well could have!  Just because you stopped driving doesn’t mean you can stop looking. Dooring […]

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Seeing Things

I was waiting for an appointment the other day when I struck up a conversation with another woman in the lobby. She noticed my bike helmet and the conversation quickly turned to a discussion of cars versus cyclists. It was just on of those casual conversations you have with a stranger in passing. After voicing […]

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