Thanks for reading and reaching out! Inquiries can be directed to info [at] bikeyface [dot] com. Regrettably, I’m unable to respond every message but I try my best. See below for some answers to frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your images online?
Online: My illustrations & posts may be shared online for educational and non-profit purposes. Proper credit and link to my site must be included (e.g. artwork by Bikeyface, www.bikeyface.com) Please do not modify my images, re-post a significant number of images, or re-post entire blog posts. I don’t mind translations as long as they keep true to the content.
Can I use your images for something else?
My illustrations & posts may be shared online for educational and non-profit purposes as long as proper credit is given. However, my illustrations cannot be used in any other way (including print, merchandise, books, for sale or profit) without explicit permission. My work is copyrighted and license fees/royalties may apply for use of images depending on the desired use. if you/your organization has a budget and would like to use one or more images of mine you may contact me to ask. Be aware that I do not have the time or ability to facilitate no/low budget requests and these requests are typically ignored.
May I translate your cartoons into another language?
Yes, online and for non-profit purposes only- as long as you give credit/link and stay true to the original content.
Can I interview you?
I occasionally do interviews but I’m selective because of time constraints. Email interviews (with no rush) are preferred. If you’re interested, contact me. I’ll respond if I am able.
Do you do custom art, freelance work, or commissions?
Yes, I do professional paid freelance work and commissions depending on my schedule. Contact me for more information.
Can we collaborate on a project?
Unfortunately I don’t have the bandwidth or necessity for collaborations. I’m exceptionally good at filling my time with more creative projects than I’ll ever get to and I tend to work best alone where my creativity and schedule can run wild (classic creative introvert here.) The only exception I make is for the occasional straightforward freelance project.
Will you speak or come to our event?
I occasionally speak at events but it depends on my schedule and your budget. Because of the time it takes to prepare a presentation I can only realistically do this if there is some compensation. If interested, contact me for more information and to discuss details and rates.
Will you cover our event?
No, I don’t cover events or do publicity/promotion in my cartoons. If you would like to promote an event via Bikeyface the only route is via advertising. Contact me for more information. You may also invite me to an event to sell merchandise if it’s within reasonable travel distance.
Will you review/promote my product or my Kickstarter on Bikeyface?
No, I don’t review products or do product placement in my cartoons. If you would like to promote something via Bikeyface the only route is via advertising. Contact me for more information.
How often do you post?
Ideally I try to post 1-3 times per month. However, this may vary depending on other things competing for my time such as freelance work, creating new merchandise, writing new mini-comics, site updates, personal life, decreasing ability to pull all-nighters. Each blog post takes about 20 hours to complete and does not generate revenue. Because of that, paid work and other things sometimes take priority over new blog posts (but I still like to do those too as often as I can.)
Why haven’t you posted lately?
Probably because I’m working on paid freelance projects, writing a new mini-comic, creating new merchandise, working in site updates, going through a particularly busy stretch at the day job, away for vacation or work, sleeping, cleaning my house, or spending time with family.
What is your comment policy?
First time commenters will not appear immediately on the site until approved and all comments are generally moderated. However, roughly 99% of comments go through as submitted. Discussion should be polite and productive and differing views are welcome. Spam, inflammatory, or disrespectful comments will not be approved. Neither will tedious harangues, lengthy diatribes, vehement tirades, et cetera, et al, ad infinitum. You all know what I mean, right?
What bikes do you have?
I have a Soma Buena Vista set up with a 3-speed internal hub, dynamo lighting, and upright bars. These days I usually commute with that bike. But I also have a 1962 Dunelt English 3-speed that is my back up commuter bike and super fun to ride locally. I have a Surly Crosscheck that I use for long distance leisure rides. Someday I’d like a Brompton.
What type of bicycling do you do?
90% of the time I just ride my bike around town (to work, to run errands, to meet friends, etc.) Sometimes I do longer rides ~30 miles but not as often as I would like these days.
What do you wear when you bike?
It depends on where I’m going- if I’m going to work I wear work clothes or regular clothes when I run errands on weekends. The only thing I avoid are constricting pencil skirts and white clothes (I attract grease.) If I’m riding over 25 miles I’ll wear something more comfy/athletic like spandex.