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What bikes do you have?

I have a Soma Buena Vista set up with a 3-speed internal hub, dynamo lighting, and upright bars. These days I usually commute with that bike. But I also have a 1962 Dunelt English 3-speed that is my back up commuter bike and super fun to ride locally. I have a Surly Crosscheck that I use for long distance leisure rides.

What are the names of your bikes?

The Soma Buena Vista is called “Josephine Baker.” The 1962 Dunelt is called “Emma Thompson.” The Surly Crosscheck is called “Marlene Dietrich.”

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Do you wear a helmet?


What helmet do you wear when you wear one?

I wear a Giro Surface.

What clothes do you wear when you bike?

Regular clothes.

What shoes do you wear when you bike?

Regular shoes.

Do you shower at work?


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Can I use your images?

Online: My illustrations & posts may be shared online for educational and non-profit purposes. Proper credit and link to my site must be included (e.g. artwork by Bikeyface, www.bikeyface.com) Please do not modify my images, re-post a significant number of images, or re-post entire blog posts, or a combination of these things. I generally don’t mind translations as long as they keep true to the content (though in most cases I probably wouldn’t be able to tell.)

All Other Uses: My illustrations cannot be used in any other way (including print, merchandise, books, for sale or profit) without explicit permission and license fees/royalties may apply for use of images depending on desired use. License fees/royalties may apply for use of images depending on desired use. Please contact me if you have a budget would like to use one or more images of mine. Be aware that I do not facilitate no/low budget requests.


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What is your comment policy?

All comments are moderated. Discussion should be polite and productive and differing views are welcome. Spam, inflammatory, or disrespectful comments won’t be approved. Neither will tedious  harangues, lengthy diatribes, vehement tirades, et cetera, et al, ad infinitum. You all know what I mean, right?



Can I interview you?

I occasionally do interviews but I’m very selective about it because of time constraints. If you’re interested, contact me. I’ll respond if I am able.

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Do you do events or appearances?

Sometimes, if you would like to invite me to speak or give a presentation please contact me for more information and to discuss rates.



Would you review/promote my product in your blog?

I don’t review products or do product placement. If you would like to promote a product via Bikeyface the best route is via advertising. Contact me for more information.

As for promoting other things (e.g. events, websites, Kickstarters) I promote what interests me when I have time. However I’m not consistent enough to guarantee anything.

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Do you do commissions?

Yes, I do accept professional paid freelance work and commissions. Contact me for more information.

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One Response to “FAQ”

  • Alan (Uncle Robot)

    Dear Bikeyface – you make me laugh and sing the praises of all the youngsters moving bicycling into the mainstream. I’m almost your mother’s age (59) and have been biking nearly daily since I was 8. After living in Portland OR and DC for years – where biking was easier – moving to Boston in the late 80’s was a culture shock of car hostility. It’s gotten so much better and ever more so with people like you. Thanks for your humor and hopefulness – too often I get into mean bikeyface mode and do a poor job of ambassadorial bike riding to all those stuck car drivers. After laughing at your sweet messages I’m going to work hard on being a sweeter bikeyface.

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