Image Use Request Form

Image Use Policy

Online: My illustrations & posts may be shared online for educational and non-profit purposes. Proper credit and link to my site must be included (e.g. artwork by Bikeyface, Please do not modify my images, re-post a significant number of images, or re-post entire blog posts, or a combination of these things.

All Other Uses: My illustrations cannot be used in any other way (including print, merchandise, books, for sale or profit) without explicit permission. If you have a budget would like to use one or more images of mine, please complete the Image Use Request Form below so I can get an sense of your request. License fees/royalties may apply for use of images depending on desired use. Because of the value of my illustrations, the business time involved with managing image use & licensing, and the volume of requests I receive, I am no longer able to facilitate no/low budget requests. (Why? Read this.)

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