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Drive Month?

Bike Month is a month to get more people on bikes. But as I biked to work this May it seemed more […]

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Habit Loop

Biking is ordinary to me. So much so, I got caught off guard the other day. It didn’t really seem […]

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New Shoes

Sometimes my non-bikey friends don’t quite understand my bike obsession. So I have to find ways to make it relatable to those not as […]

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See the Signs

I’m sure everyone at one point has had a roommate like this. The other day as I was biking around I […]

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Magic Hour

There’s a time of day where the light is just right- magic hour. Now that it’s autumn, I find myself […]

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Different Roads

Sometimes when I hear about great bike infrastructure in other cities I’m tempted to move hundreds or thousands of miles away. Truthfully, […]

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When I bicycle around Boston it’s mostly vehicularly. While the rules of the road generally give some order to the roads- I […]

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Such a Clatter

Lately I’ve been riding my 50 yr old British 3-speed “Emma Thompson Bike” around town. It’s been pretty hot and […]

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So you’re biking along in a city of hundreds of thousands of other people all trying to get places simultaneously. […]

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What is Bikeyface? Well, it’s a webcomic inspired by the real life experience of getting around on two wheels in a city built for four. But it’s also a lifestyle. If you take a look through the windshield at any driver, then look at someone riding a bicycle you will very quickly notice just what a bikey face is. A bikey face is the expression of being active, engaged, and enjoying world around you. And Bikeyface seeks to celebrate that difference and raise the profile of transportation bicycling so that more people feel compelled to live more active, engaged, and enjoyable lives… all while getting things done.


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Bikeyface's comic book guide to bicycling

New to bicycling? Get Bike There, Bikeyface’s comic book guide to bicycling with tips, tricks, and know how. This is not your typical bike guide! It will have you laughing all the way through. Bulk/wholesale orders also available for shops and organizations! Contact for more information.