Big Kids

When I was a kid, biking was my favorite activity (after drawing.)  Luckily I had a lot of space to do it. When I started biking to work I hadn’t ridden a bike in...

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Midnight Misadventures

This weekend marked the end of “winter” for me as it was the first time I went on some longer rides out of the city. The first one started when a 2 mile...

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My Mom turned 60 this year and she’s decided to do a triathlon. She’s decided to invest in a better bike for the triathlon and beyond. She bikes quite a bit. Sometimes we...

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The Long Commute

I’ve been busier and more stressed than usual lately and it’s started catching up with me. The other day at work I found myself completely exhausted. I could not wait to go home…...

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Wear a Bikeyface

Would you like to have a Bikeyface on your chest? You’re in luck! For a limited time I’m offering special edition Bikeyface T-shirts for Bike Week which is May 14-18th. These T-shirts will...

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Summer Dress Days

Even though it’s been a mild winter I’m excited that spring is here. However it seems that winter decided to skip straight to summer with temperatures in the 80’s last week. Everyone was...

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Shared Commute

I’m a creature of habit, I take the same route to work every day along with many others. I recognize many people on my commute. There’s the girl with the gold helmet, her guy friend...

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Everyday Bike

When people meet me they sometimes think I would always ride a fancy bike. But most days I ride a very plain hybrid. But what she lacks in style, she makes up in attitude....

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Red Light Surprise

Yesterday as I approached a light on Mass Ave it turned red. The cyclist ahead of me rode blithely through it. I came to a complete stop. That was apparently a very unexpected...

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