Welcome to the Bikeyface store. Each purchase supports the artistry and time that goes into making the Bikeyface blog. Thanks for enjoying & supporting Bikeyface!

Shipping: Orders typically ship out within 1-3 business days. You may select USPS First Class or Priority Shipping for orders within the U.S.  International Orders are shipped International First Class. Contact me if you have any questions.

Wholesale: Would you like to carry Bikeyface products in your store? Merchandise is available wholesale for bulk orders. Please contact me to start the conversation.

21 Responses to “Store”

  • chris

    Thanks for your posts, always put a smile on my face, now my grandchild will have a poster to smile at as well!

  • Bummed….. I’m a recumbent rider and a road cyclist and a mountain biker. Me doesn’t see a bent or mtb on da poster……. (sigh)

  • Rob Hunter

    Hello, Could you tell me the postage charge for the Just be Yourself 18×24 Poster- Postage to Australia.
    Thanks, Rob Hunter

    • bikeyface

      Hi Rob, exact shipping depends on the number of items, weight, location. It will ask for an address and auto-calculate shipping before you pay.

  • Mellissa Meng

    I want to buy some posters but the website says it will not ship to my location. I’m in Sacramento California – I find it hard to believe you don’t ship here!? Can you help?

    • bikeyface

      I definitely ship there so it’s an error- I’ll look into it when I’m back at a computer and get back to you.

  • Hy,

    do you sell t-shirts? l didn’t find them in your shopping list.
    thank you from Firenze

  • bex apostoli

    Hi! Do you ever do custom art prints of single panels from your comics? I would love to get your cinnamon bikeyface panel as a print for my wall :) Love your work!

    • bikeyface

      Hi, it’s possible depending on the image. I’m not sure which one the “cinnamon” one is? If you know the post or can describe it that would help. Thanks!

  • Eric

    So, how would I go about ordering some of the “I biked here” bags for my bike shop?

  • tully monster

    Woohoo! Is that a folder the woman in pink has loaded down with shopping? That could be me! :-)

  • You should sell it as a pdf on the website as well!

    Well done!

  • David Callaghan

    As a keen cycle commuter and advocate across the pond in the United Kingdom, for the first time I am regretting that we drive/cycle on the left over here! I dream of a Bike there: British edition!

    The book looks fantastic – good luck with it.

  • Jenny

    Hello! Curious: will “Bike There” be available at book stores or bike shops around Somerville/Cambridge?

  • Ally Lulu

    Hi, I love your work and definitely I want to buy it. I have two questions, Are the prices in dollars? Is it the same ship cost for one and for two pieces? Because I would like to buy my own comic book and others to gift

    • bikeyface

      Prices are in US dollars. All items are shipped via USPS and cost of shipping is automatically calculated by weight per packaged item and where it’s going to.

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