What Is A Bikeyface?

No matter your mode of transportation, we all know there are serious issues on our roads and it’s easy to get bogged down in negativity, stereotypes, and politics.

But despite all of this, people still ride their bikes everyday as their primary mode of transportation and love every minute of it. Biking is fun, practical and a great lifestyle. Bikeyface was started to celebrate that.

So what is a bikey face?

Well, it’s that face you make unconsciously when you bike:


And you see a good view:


Or a good friend:


It’s the face you make when you’re biking up Beacon Hill:


Or down Prospect Hill:


Or getting a whiff of cinnamon from the bakery you pass every morning on the way to work:


Or when you bike super fast like this:


Or maybe you do it like this:


It might be similar to the face you make when you play guitar:


But don’t play guitar and bike at the same time. Because this is not a good bikey face:


But most of all it is the reason we keep biking on streets that often feel like this:


Because ultimately it’s not really about bicycles, it’s about enjoying life.

24 Responses to “What Is A Bikeyface?”

  • Don Forbes

    You rock! In addition to riding up and down Prospect Hill many times, I’ve made many of those faces. Some today!

    • Im in the Cobb County area of GA close to Atlanta, we have Windy Hill and Cobb Parkway.. I have the great hill off Village Parkway that is a biotch to get up on the way to College, but its the best thing since 6-Flags on the way home.. I love the term Bikeyface..

  • Now I understand “Bikeyface.” I’ve made most of those faces. My favorite is when I catch myself smiling for no particular reason, usually during an interval or tough stretch of road. That’s fun.

    You have some great art work and bike info here. I look forward to checking out the rest of your site.

  • Oqmin

    Thanks a lot Dear Lady

    For let me know about this wonderful place, where biking is a pleasure… Burke-Gilman trail today….

  • Kat

    Love the Cinnamon Bikeyface! I really enjoy the feeling of exploring on my bike and when I’m able to process my thoughts and daydream on the side streets here in town. There’s something so exciting and fresh about it all! Thanks for your blog. Love it.

  • Damien

    Hey! Nice blog you have there. Lovely images! Just posted it here: https://www.facebook.com/dublincycling, the FB page for Dublin Cycling Campaign (www.dublincycling.ie). Best wishes from this side of the pond. Damien Ó Tuama (I help out with the social events in the Campaign in Dublin).

  • Lovely lovely website…I am lost in its loveliness. Wonderful drawings. Cant wait til my art mad 7yr old wakes up so I can show him. Beautiful

  • I snapped a picture of a bikeyface while playing guitarface(y)!
    Check it out:

  • Richard Bystry

    I just discovered bikeyface. What a great site. Thank you. It’s the first bike site that’s actually given me a bikey face.

  • I’m glad to know that smile on my face while biking has a name :) Great drawings by the way. Succes Pieter Bas //RainmatesCompay

  • Did you do the recent ad artwork for Clever Cycles? The art style looks a lot like yours.

  • Andrew Ballard

    you’re now getting noticed in Europe too, and I’m doing my best to spread the word.

    you bring a chuckle and a smile to my cycling and online too ….. keep drawing and making bikeyfaces :-)

    I live in Switzerland and often cycle around Lake Zurich in the middle of the city with the mountains in sight and ring my bell out of pure joy…… people often think I’m mad, but it does make them smile ……. if you can draw that I’ll be a fan for life.

    super blog.

    • Andrew Ballard

      p.s. very few us here in mainland Europe wear helmets, so pics without would also be fantastic (y)

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