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Hello there, there’s another bike on the road. It seems I have been thinking about biking so much it has overflowed from my head to the interwebs. After little thought and no planning I’m starting a blog. Mostly because my friends are tired of hearing about biking (they are mostly your non-cyclist, non-fun types you see.)

First of all, you should know I am not an expert on anything except procrastination. I will not contribute to your intellectual growth. If I do teach you anything, let me know and I’ll stop. Because I can pretty much bank on anyone reading this blog knowing more than I do. I’m just here for entertainment- mostly my own.

Ok, the big question- my blog. So I’ve prepared a chart for you that explains what it’s all about:

Original Chart

I know, I know. Chocolate is not relevant to biking for most people. But for me it’s standard procedure to eat several pain au chocolat or Nutella crêpes and then bike 20-40 miles… probably to another bakery or chocolate shop. It is my main fuel source. Don’t lecture me about electrolytes.

So there it is, my introductory post. Check back later for more bicycle fun.

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Boston Biker

that chart is awesome ha ha. Welcome to the site!

I also am on the “chocolate/cycling” diet. I honestly don’t think I could power myself without the large amount I eat…so you know the 20% is probably about right 🙂

Let me know if you need anything (I run, and happy blogging!


Ressees Dark Choclate Peanutbutter Cups…..always my first chocolate while cycling hit!!!


FYI, your pie chart image here is missing (broken link?)


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I love chocolate!! >_<