Men in Skirts

There are many blogs about women biking in skirts and heels full of advice and tips. There are fewer about men biking in skirts and heels. Perhaps there is an underserved audience. Maybe men could also benefit from wearing skirts in traffic? So this week I conducted some undercover research to maybe offer some tips.

This research required I first dress like a man:

Men in Skirts

After which I dressed like a man dressed like a woman:

Men in Skirts

After which I got on a bicycle and explored Boston from a fresh perspective:

Men in Skirts

After which I determined that it was very unsafe.

Possibly because of the kiwis in my shorts.

But in an attempt to offset the issues I added a Red Sox shirt:

Men in Skirts

This did not help.

While Boston is pro-Red Sox, it seems they are not pro-woman-dressed as a man-dressed as a woman-dressed as a Red Sox fan.

So unfortunately my conclusion is that men probably cannot cash in on the Mary Poppins effect. The benefits for men biking in skirts are as follows:

  1. Your kiwis will feel breezy

And… that’s it.

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This post is like an onion. A gloriously, layered hilarious onion.


they do itch.


Thank you for the joke!
Last summer, on a very sunny and hot day, I had to go by bike to the “tree climbing adventure park” on the other side of the town. (I’m a man, by the way)
I wore my sportkilt, and it was very comfortable, because temperatures were pretty high. And I had no difficulty biking with it (my kiwis are still there).
When I arrived to the adventure park, I changed my clothes easily (no tree climbing with my kilt, of course). I just put my pants under my kilt, and then I removed my kilt.


Hilarious!!! I sympathize with the kiwi bearers. My grapefruits sometimes itch too.


Itch? Emollient.
Bosox tranny? Don’t ask don’t tell.
Male MP effect? Masshooliganism.

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