Bikeyface, an introduction

Because of the bit of re-branding I have done I thought I would give a second introduction to my blog. As you already know I like to draw pictures, be funny, not offer any real information. And while there are serious issues on our roads it’s easy to get bogged down in negativity. But ultimately biking is fun and I want my blog to reflect that. So I named it Bikeyface. Why? Well I could have been sued for Facebike. And Bicycle Smile turned out to have, well, another meaning. But then I decided Bikeyface captured exactly what I wanted. (Plus it’s fun to say.)

So what is a bikey face?

Well, it’s that face you make unconsciously when you bike:


And you see a good view:


Or a good friend:


It’s the face you make when you’re biking up Beacon Hill:


Or down Prospect Hill:


Or getting a whiff of cinnamon from the bakery you pass every morning on the way to work:


Or when you bike super fast like this:


Or maybe you do it like this:


It might be similar to the face you make when you play guitar:


But don’t play guitar and bike at the same time. Because this is not a good bikey face:


But most of all it is the reason we keep biking on streets that often feel like this:


Because ultimately it’s not really about bikes, it’s about lifestyle.

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