If Butts Could Talk

If you bike on the street you are familiar with the “door zone” (also known as the “bike lane.”) You are probably also familiar with another frequent obstacle in the bike lane. Butts.

If Butts Could Talk

Yes,  the bike lane is the place where people mess with unseen shit inside their car. While I see them in advance and can avoid them, it still causes nerves since it forces me to merge into traffic. And I always ring my bell as I pass in case they are inclined to back even further into my path.

Because I find myself dodging butts so often, I’ve started to wonder what is so fascinating inside their cars.

I wonder if they dropped something super important.

If Butts Could Talk

Or if they are having some mechanical issues with their vehicle.

If Butts Could Talk

Or if they are just a little lonely.

If Butts Could Talk

If Butts Could Talk

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Maybe a little squirt from a water gun/bottle/spray bottle might learn em’. Works on the cats to keep them off counters!


The drawings are always great and the thoughts on biking are always on point, but this is just that extra bit of funny.

Michael Blackmore

They’re just trying to help. Remember in your last post where you pointed out the sad lack of the smell of other people for cyclists compared to T riders? Well, these helpful drivers are just making sure that folks in the bike lane get to smell that same Ass Potpourri that the folks on the T get! 😉


Maybe you need to start carrying a riding crop 🙂


Today’s series is sorely disappointing and so not true to life.

I think you are taking artistic liberties without the inclusion of at least one coin slot.

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