Bracing for Winter

It will not be my first New England winter, but it will be my first biking winter. Currently the weather is unusually fall-like but I am trying to wrap my head around approaching cold and snow. After some research and talking to people it sounds like I am supposed to buy a lot of stuff until I look like this:


However what I have learned so far in my years of biking is that no matter what I always take the wrong advice and I always buy the wrong stuff.

So I have been very concerned about researching, being cautious, and making the best decision about the right gear for my commute style. I expected a long process ahead of me. I made a trip to the local sports equipment store to review my options starting with gloves. However I discovered that my gear decisions may not be that hard after all.

Sports Gear?

Apparently they don’t expect women to go outdoors until spring.

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Julie H.

If I can bike all winter you definitely can!

My fiercest gloves are from K-Mart and my other fierce gloves came from the women’s running section at Adidas. Bicycle-specific clothing and accessories (except for lights and locks) can suck my teet.


Mens’s gloves it is then! Or knit you some nice wool mittens. 🙂


Well, after all, this extreme sport of riding a bicycle is not suitable for the delicate fairer sex.


Instead of the sporting goods store, try Nordstrom or Macy’s – or Etsy, for that matter 🙂 I just use some knitted wool mittens with silk glove liners underneath, or a second pair of knitted wool gloves if it’s cold enough.


just get a men’s glove in your size. no worries about pink then!

Lovely Bicycle! (@lovelybicycle)

Broadway Bicycle School has some wool DeFeet gloves with grippy silicone thingies on the palms in men’s & women’s sizes, or at least had the last time I was there. I have a pair and love them.

The first time I tried to buy a pair of full fingered women’s bike gloves the only choice was indeed pink. I still have them but seldom wear them.

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