Christmas by Bike

It’s Christmas time which means everyone is dashing about the city with a long list of errands and shopping to do. It also means hauling stuff. It’s easy to think you need a car for the job.

Sure, cars can carry a lot of stuff. When I was a kid I would watch in awe as my dad would artfully fit an impossible amount of stuff into our tiny car.

Christmas by Bike

But bikes can carry a surprising amount of stuff too. It’s just a different sort of space to pack.

After Christmas shopping it might be challenge figure out how to transport everything home. No matter the vehicle, it’s natural to push it’s cargo limits. I turn it into a game to see if I can find a good spot for everything.

Christmas by Bike

Of course to transport all these Christmas gifts home I would have had to buy them first. But I didn’t actually get around to doing my Christmas shopping yet.  I got overwhelmed by the crowded stores and left with only a gift for myself.

Christmas by Bike

But still, when I eventually get around to doing my shopping, I am not afraid of the challenge of getting things home by bike. Someday I hope to even take on a Christmas tree.

Christmas by Bike

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Phil Lindsay

Ha ha! I’m limiting my Christmas tree this year to what I can carry home in my trailer! We’re glad you could find some inspiration B! Keep up your great work. You make my weeks better.


Wait, you’re saying that rear racks aren’t made for shoe shopping?? I’m confused.

Love the last panel, don’t think I’m gonna get there. Even I, well practiced at making my bike carry all sorts of loads it was not designed for, need a trailer I think to make that happen.


Is there any kind of shopping a bicycle wasn’t made for? 🙂

Ed in NH

Car shopping! Wait, maybe that’s the best kind to do on a bicycle!

The Monday Biker

WAIT!!! Doesn’t Santa bring all the presents?!?!?!

Love your blog. Always makes my day.


Perfect post! And there is no better way to circumvent holiday shopping traffic gridlock than by bike. Definitely do the Christmas tree haul – it’s the most fun ever. Our tree haul, by Xtracycle:

Gary from Dracut...

Checked out your pics. NICE ride !!!


I see your “tree on a bike” and raise you a “bike dressed as tree”.comment image

Total one-up-bike-ship 🙂 More details:

Paul Swain

Love the blog Bikeyface, the Dutch carry Christmas trees on their bikes but that’s not really a surprise


those pics make me wish i was dutch. They all look like they’re having such a good time!

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