Christmas by Bike

It’s Christmas time which means everyone is dashing about the city with a long list of errands and shopping to do. It also means hauling stuff. It’s easy to think you need a car for the job.

Sure, cars can carry a lot of stuff. When I was a kid I would watch in awe as my dad would artfully fit an impossible amount of stuff into our tiny car.

Christmas by Bike

But bikes can carry a surprising amount of stuff too. It’s just a different sort of space to pack.

After Christmas shopping it might be challenge figure out how to transport everything home. No matter the vehicle, it’s natural to push it’s cargo limits. I turn it into a game to see if I can find a good spot for everything.

Christmas by Bike

Of course to transport all these Christmas gifts home I would have had to buy them first. But I didn’t actually get around to doing my Christmas shopping yet.  I got overwhelmed by the crowded stores and left with only a gift for myself.

Christmas by Bike

But still, when I eventually get around to doing my shopping, I am not afraid of the challenge of getting things home by bike. Someday I hope to even take on a Christmas tree.

Christmas by Bike

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  • Phil Lindsay December 14, 2011   Reply →

    Ha ha! I’m limiting my Christmas tree this year to what I can carry home in my trailer! We’re glad you could find some inspiration B! Keep up your great work. You make my weeks better.

  • cycler December 14, 2011   Reply →

    Wait, you’re saying that rear racks aren’t made for shoe shopping?? I’m confused.

    Love the last panel, don’t think I’m gonna get there. Even I, well practiced at making my bike carry all sorts of loads it was not designed for, need a trailer I think to make that happen.

    • Dave December 14, 2011  

      Is there any kind of shopping a bicycle wasn’t made for? :)

    • Ed in NH December 14, 2011  

      Car shopping! Wait, maybe that’s the best kind to do on a bicycle!

  • The Monday Biker December 14, 2011   Reply →

    WAIT!!! Doesn’t Santa bring all the presents?!?!?!

    Love your blog. Always makes my day.

  • shebicycles December 14, 2011   Reply →

    Perfect post! And there is no better way to circumvent holiday shopping traffic gridlock than by bike. Definitely do the Christmas tree haul – it’s the most fun ever. Our tree haul, by Xtracycle:

  • Paul Swain December 14, 2011   Reply →

    Love the blog Bikeyface, the Dutch carry Christmas trees on their bikes but that’s not really a surprise

    • Kelley December 14, 2011  

      those pics make me wish i was dutch. They all look like they’re having such a good time!

  • Erica December 14, 2011   Reply →

    We’ve already got that last panel covered in Baltimore: Pork-n-Pine Tree Delivery. Makes me wish I did a natural tree! (Except for the needles, and our cats, and… actually I don’t want a real tree but it’s a cool idea anyway.)

    One item that I’ve been consistently frustrated with is wrapping paper. Why doesn’t it come in packages anymore? Or at least short rolls? They don’t fit in my pannier and I just have visions of it slipping out of a bungee, although probably it will be fine. I also had this problem when I used to take the bus everywhere. It’s just such an awkward item!

    • Charmaine December 19, 2011  

      I just bought a roll of Xmas wrapping paper on Sat. — stuck it down in my large pannier. It sticks out the top, but it’s not going anywhere! No problem at all. :)

  • disabledcyclist December 14, 2011   Reply →



  • the Outage December 14, 2011   Reply →

    Your dad’s in good company; there’s a Simpsons episode in which Homer imagines he’s playing Tetris as he loads the family sedan.

  • Gary from Dracut... December 14, 2011   Reply →

    Love the panel of the ‘shoe rack’ ! Did you make it to the ‘Jingle Ride’, or happen to pass us by along the way ? Check out the pics. from the ride on Ciclismo Classico’s ‘Facebook’ page, (it’s an ‘open page’) or their home website.

    Hope you and your Family have a great Holiday Season !!!

  • Dave December 14, 2011   Reply →

    We have a tradition to go get a tree with my parents every year, but we noticed there was a tree lot just a few minutes ride away from our apartment, with the trees all baled up, and I’m pretty sure I could get one the size of the one we actually did get home on my front rack :) The other option would be to rent a bakfiets for an hour and do it that way :)

    We’ve begun trying to mostly make our Christmas presents, so that we only have minimal shopping to do out in the popular shopping areas. I hate getting caught up in all the craziness, it’s much nicer just being at home working on stuff. We’ve also cut back on who we give gifts to, and how much we give each person. After all, the gift-giving was originally just secondary to the celebration anyway (you have a party, so you bring something nice to give people you care about), eat lots of food, and drink! Now we have gifts without the party! That’s no fun.

    Hope the rest of your December goes swimmingly!

  • femi December 14, 2011   Reply →

    the word “bitch” is degrading to women; consider using a different word in the future. really like your work though!

    • Better_By_Bike December 14, 2011  

      Oh calm down femi, this comic is authored/drawn by a woman!

    • Bikeyface December 14, 2011  

      I am open to constructive criticism and differing opinions and welcome it in the comments section. I prefer to keep comments unmoderated for this reason but encourage everyone to be sensitive to each others points of view. Thanks :)

    • JP Gal December 14, 2011  

      Thanks for this note, Biketface. I was just returning here to offer my support for femi. I’d love to see this comic strip without the word “bitch,” which even after my half-century on this planet, still socks me in the stomach when I hear it, especially when I’m not expecting it. This is still one of the worst things you can call a woman, especially a strong and indeopendent woman, today. I understand how you’re using it here (“My bike and I OWN Christmas!”) but the thing is, you’re getting to that triumphant statment, which should be joyful and fun in this comic strip, by way of a shorthand for threatened violence (“I own you and can do anything I want to you”) that is still in active use against women in this country, and that, sadly, is a fact of life for millions of women around the world.
      I love biking, I love humor, I love the woman and men in my life, and I hate to see an otherwise delightful comic strip marred by the use of a word that is neither benign nor “reclaimed” so that it no longer has the power to hurt.

    • JP Gal December 14, 2011  

      OMG, sorry for the typo, Bikeyface!

    • Sharon December 22, 2011  

      Bikeyface, don’t stop using the word “bitch”, it’s your freedom of expression and sense of humour I love, and I did think it was particularly funny. I do understand the points made by the previous 2 posters, however it’s a case of, “if you don’t like it, switch off”. I’m pretty sure they won’t.

    • Dave December 15, 2011  

      This is one of those cases where I understand that the word ‘bitch’ can have very negative connotations towards women, but I feel like in this specific case the original meaning (which is not related to women) and the intention of the author (which is clearly not to degrade women) trumps the sometimes connotation of the word. You have to read language in context and with actual meaning in mind, as well as the cultural connotations we give words, and take it all into account when determining whether a word is degrading or not, I think. The word ‘bitch’ in and of itself is not necessarily degrading to women, only if it’s used as a derogatory.

      Anyway, just my personal opinion :)

  • GRJim December 14, 2011   Reply →

    Your story telling is at least as good as your drawings:


  • You can do it!

    I just drag the tree down the road with my bike –>

  • anniebikes December 15, 2011   Reply →

    Such a good post. And tooooo funnnnny about the rear rack made for shoe shopping…how true!

  • John Romeo Alpha December 15, 2011   Reply →

    I was told my rear rack was made for book shopping. However, it appears to be more like the shoe box compatible model you draw. I am going to start putting my purchased books into shoe boxes, therefore. Merry Xmas!

  • some spellingnazi December 15, 2011   Reply →

    it’s natural to push *its* cargo limits

  • jim m December 15, 2011   Reply →

    Great blog! Bicycle Times should be printing these. Here’s a real xmas tree carrier:

  • Cassidy Castleman December 16, 2011   Reply →

    I’m glad you used the word “bitch.” It wouldn’t have been as funny otherwise. Duh! I hope you don’t water down any future posts. In fact, maybe you can find a way to work the C-word into the next one. The more offensive the better… Fuck it!!!

  • Dan December 17, 2011   Reply →

    Portland (OR) during the last few years has had a company selling Christmas trees and delivering by bike…too bad we haven’t been around town for Christmas, or we’d buy from them!

  • cycler December 18, 2011   Reply →

    Ok, this is all your fault…
    Wasn’t difficult at all, actually- I was thinking it would be tougher than it was.

    • Bikeyface December 18, 2011  

      Ha that’s awesome! Now I have to do it too, not just draw it.

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