My Fantasy Shopping Guide

A reader asked me to do a shopping guide for cyclists. After looking around a bit I realized the things that I would recommend for bike Christmas don’t actually exist. So I decided I should create my own wish-list of fantasy cycling products. And who knows, maybe someday they’ll be on the market.

First of all, I’ll start with some items for the budget-challenged. These would also make great stocking stuffers.

My Fantasy Shopping Guide

The next gift is for all you cyclists that would like a little more space on your commute. Have  you ever felt a little squeezed off the road? Would you like cars to keep a safe distance? Do you find that drivers freak out at the mere sight of a bicycle on the road, panic, and then drive into things? This next gift is for you:

My Fantasy Shopping Guide

Camo-bike will keep real cars at a safe distance, prevent them to trying to “share” the lane when you are taking the lane, and help blend in a bit. It’s designed to look like a sports convertible so you don’t need to worry about being slower than other car traffic. Everyone knows sports car owners never actually go above 30mph. (Because only old people drive them.)

Okay, this next gift is for cyclists who have pedestrians step out unexpectedly and directly into their path:

My Fantasy Shopping Guide

With Ped-Bells you will hear them coming as they weave between trucks and buses at intersections or as they stumble drunk out of a bar into the street at night. This will buy you precious time to brake or swerve. For a few more bucks Ped-Bells come with blinkie lights included. (Okay, so technically Ped-Bells would need to be given to those who are *not* on riding bikes. But since cyclists would really be the ones to benefit, it would ultimately be a big gift for us.)

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are working your way through busy traffic, trying to anticipate everyone’s move, hoping others see you… only to realize every driver is looking at their cell phones instead of the road? Well, then you need this:

My Fantasy Shopping Guide

It mounts on your handlebars and jams cell phone signals in a radius of 40 yards. Just hope that this doesn’t make drivers more distracted as they try to figure out what happened to their 4G and why they can’t get the latest of Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter feed.

Do you ever feel a little too benign on your bike? Do you want to make your bicycle little more intimidating and badass? Then you need these:

My Fantasy Shopping Guide

Besides making you more awesome, it will also increase your visibility and keep you warm on cold days. However it may also burn you a little.

This last gift is for the impatient cyclist who might have a bit of a DIY streak. If you’re tired of waiting on local governments to take action you can build your own bike infrastructure right now with this gift:

My Fantasy Shopping Guide

If I had a rear rack-mounted Bike Lane Maker those Mass Ave bike lanes would be installed this afternoon.

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I am glad I am not the only one who thinks of baklava every time i wear a balaclava.

Also, Costco does have Merino wool socks that are both cheap and just plain, simple, gray. I think they call them trail socks.

Finally, while less permanent than paint, you can draw your own moving bike lane with something like this:


Sometimes, DIY bike lanes work. A few people put up some pylons to create a protected bike lane. The city took them down, but them made them permanent.

Phil Lindsay

We’ll have to find a pair of women’s socks for you! Love it as usual. I’m so dreaming of getting a Rack-Mounted Bike Lane Maker. I want one!!!!


That cellphone jammer drawing somehow reminded me of the scene in Amelie, when her neighbor deceives her into thinking she caused all those accidents with her camera, and she gets back at him by sitting on his roof and unplugging his TV antenna whenever something exciting happens in the football match 🙂


IMAJRK2 = Wicked Funny !


My friends and I had this idea of creating a baklava appliqué to sew onto a balaclava. Unfortunately, none of us could sew. Balaclava designers, take note! My cut of the profits can be paid in baklava.

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