Not a Sideshow

I’ve been taking the lane more and more. In the beginning I was timid and concerned with being polite. However there are drivers who think- no matter what- bikes should be as far to the right as possible. No matter the door zone, pothole, debris, or gutter situation. They’re always eager to push bikes further off to the margins of the road. There have been many moments like this:

The Sideshow

Which frequently resulted in large vehicles squeezing by me with mere inches to spare. But enough was enough- I got tired of being a sideshow act on the road. I take the full lane and stay safe. Of course that doesn’t stop the honking.

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48 Responses to “Not a Sideshow”

  • gorgopanta

    Don´t let it be. Cyclist have the same rigth to use the road.

  • This is totally true. I find myself riding on a road, with no bike lane, with only 2 ft of space in-between the parked cars and roaring traffic. People will always wedge around you and force you into a side mirror or two. People are stupid at times and wont be considerate of your life and safety. I say take the lane and make them wait!

  • Claim the lane!!! Be deaf to their honking! (They claim that they can’t see you, anyway). Smile at them when they cuss at you!

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