More than Riding

As you get familiar with the bike community you will find quickly that one thing cyclists like more than cycling, is talking about all their gear, gadgets, and technical specs of their bikes and gear. If you were to ask a crowd of cyclists to tell you about their favorite or most essential bike items you would get a lot of eager responses…

More than Riding...

However, after spending even more time in the bike community, you will find that what cyclists like more than cycling or talking about their gear, is giving advice about your gear.

And that’s where I get into trouble. Because I am not interested in gadgets or memorizing technical specs.

More than Riding...

Mostly I just bike to work. But so far I haven’t lost my balance because of my lack of knowledge. I do just fine.


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What do the poor car drivers talk about? Without all the gear and add-ons and gadgets?
Maybe they just talk about their iphone apps.

Hah! I have the same thing happen. I mean, I do know the brand of my tires, because I bought them and put them on, but that’s about as in-depth as I go. Pretty much, my bike either goes or it doesn’t, is rattly or quiet, and has stuff I can put stuff in/on, and a kickstand and lights. I’ve never felt any desire to know how fast I’m going or to time my trips anywhere in any kind of exact way, I don’t find that I need GPS to get around, and I’ve never weighed my bike, I just… Read more »

Dave- How did I know you’d be here…? 🙂
I like gear but I don’t care if I have THE gear, just the gear I like.


Yeah, I know you and your Electra cycling cap, riding around in Poland like you’re the shit 🙂

MT Cyclist

Can you tell me where I can get one of those sandwich holders?


Yes, Marianna! Cake and pizza rack – me want too!


Hm. Since you’ve effectively skewered gadgeteers, let me offer you some advice on how to draw stems…

“Oh, you have a lugged unicrown fork!?” – Someone known to us.