Unexpected Types

We all know that there are only two types of cyclists, right?


Well, I happened to see this cyclist the other day at the grocery store:


Now I’m confused. Which of the two cyclist types is he?

Yeah, the stereotypes don’t make much sense.

It would kind of be like classifying all drivers like this:


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17 Responses to “Unexpected Types”

  • Kyklos

    It’s obvious right? The third type is actually just when the “two types” get old and require oxygen assistance, and can’t be bothered to shave.

  • David

    LOL. I might have a new stereotype for you. I haven’t shaved in decades and considering that I am enclosed within my Velomobile, a human powered vehicle, I could be buck necked for all you know.
    As for the Lance Armstrong Wannabes, I’ve been accused of “tormenting the roadies”.

  • Those shorts on the Lance Armstrong type are definitely eye candy. I think the manufacturers planned it that way…

  • I need to see if the oxygen tank dude has a tribal tat or not before I can tell you which type he is.

  • Jon Webb

    I’m pretty sure the oxygen guy is the first (Lance Armstrong wannabee) type — the beard is a dead giveaway, so to speak. This is the randonneur subtype. Those guys always have beards.

  • Devon

    I have to admit…that I’m neither…I prefer wearing knickers and a button down shirt(is it bad that I’m now up to three pairs of knickers?) and a twill cap.

  • Justin Winokur

    I think it would be so cool to see someone with oxygen riding a bike. You shouldn’t let anything get you down. Even if you need it to be able to ride, then more power to you.

    Otherwise, I continue to be a strange hybrid type biker. I ride a steel cross frame (Bianchi Volpe) but I use it for commuting (when I wear normal clothes) and for monthly century rides, when I wear the spandex and all that. I guess I am never an Armstrong wannabe since I still care more about comfort over the 100 miles than speed.

  • GRJim

    I distinctly remember a young mommy in a Republican zip code staring with bulging eyes at my package. Completely stopped chewing. So I stared at her breasts as retribution.

    Neither of us had any “defining qualities” but she did shield her childrens’ eyes with her pastrami on rye.

  • Chris

    GRJim: love it, you have a way with words!

  • Lee Hollenbeck

    Another cyclist type, recumbent rider with aero belly and beard.

  • Very nice! No stereotypical cyclists here: PracticalCycle.com/customers

  • Hmmm… why did the hipster roll up his right/drive-side pant leg? He is wearing skinny jeans, for chrissakes! No need…

  • AJ

    He’s a commuter! I dunno, though: are we considered true cyclists?
    Are bike gangs (such as they are in Boston) a fourth type, or [unfairly] lumped in with hipsters?

  • Johan

    No helmet, non aero clothing, flat pedals, upright position etc seems to point towards the hipster. The oxygen tank is probably an ironic accessory or a new hipster fad.

  • No one in Amsterdam is going for the Lance or the fixie hipster look. You are the breath of fresh air american cycling needs.

    Thank you!

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