City Questions

We’re all familiar with drivers getting frustrated sharing the road with cyclists. However, sometimes the frustration gives way to another frustrating behavior. That of asking questions. When I’m on my bike, drivers seem to find me very approachable when they need help with something.


Apparently, I am the person to ask. I don’t know why but they assume I am in the know and can help them navigate their troubled city life… I guess urban cyclist means urban expert?


However, I’m sometimes uncomfortable thrown into the role of city guide. And that’s when I start messing with them.


Which is entertaining. But sometimes I wish they’d ask me a question I can actually answer.


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Mirko von Berner

Artist! Genius!


I have the same thoughts when motorists ask me for directions to the Interstate or to gas stations – shouldn’t they be asking someone that drives?

John h

Nothing says “local” like a bike. Oh, looks like they named their car, Tank. Yes you can park there but its $5. LOL

Invisible Visible Man

I’ve noticed this too, in London. People seem to regard a cyclist as a two-wheeled streetmap and ask me for directions to all kinds of places. At least it means we seem approachable. But it can be a little frustrating to be approached for directions to an obscure pub when one’s sitting at traffic lights keen to get going as quickly as possible so as not to get swamped by the motor traffic waiting behind.
All the best,

rob Kristoff

I like this one. I can relate. Great as always.

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