Summer Dress Days

Even though it’s been a mild winter I’m excited that spring is here. However it seems that winter decided to skip straight to summer with temperatures in the 80’s last week. Everyone was outside welcoming the good weather. I was no different. And I knew exactly how to celebrate the change of season, A polka dot summer dress! Which made me feel like this:


But going from being all bundled up to a summer dresses I noticed a big contrast. And everyone else on the road did too. As I biked around suddenly everybody was… polite.


While it’s nice to feel that everyone is looking out for me for a change, it makes me realize how little people pay attention the rest of the time. Nobody can wear summer dresses every day.

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butch gaudy

same thing here: everybody likes us in springtime, then things become uptight. in fall we seem to diminish and by the time winter ccomes we have disappeared. it’s like we are part of nature like tulips or leaves on trees.


Yes: forget the hi-vis jackets, the best clothing for safer urban cycling is a nice skirt and a pair of heels đŸ™‚


I agree!!!


I agree – I was off sick from work last week and in an effort to get out and do a bit of cycling to make myself feel better, I opted to ditch my normal hi-viz jacket, cycling shorts and goggles and just donned a coat, a scarf, some colourful jeans and Converse lo-tops. Weird how suddenly everyone on the road is giving me a wide berth and treating me with actual courtesy…. how very odd!!


A polka dot skirt probably does more for you security than any helmet đŸ™‚
Anything that stands out is good thing I think – I definitely get more space when on my recumbent than when I’m on a regular bike.


I got the same thing in my linen, spring dress, but I have to disagree with Butch regarding Winter. This past Winter, yes, but the Winter before with all the snow was the best cycling culture I’ve experienced thus far. Maybe the cars/peds felt sorry for me, but I’ll take it.


It’s a tough trade-off though–some folks are a little more tolerant, but then you’ve got to deal with snow, slush, salt, and uncleared bike lanes, or bike lanes turned into parking lanes because the parking spots aren’t cleared enough. On the whole, I found I liked riding without that hassle more.


That first picture made me laugh out loud, dangerous in an office. I agree with Anna Petter, it’s hard to be more visible than that. đŸ˜‰

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