The weather’s better, you’re burned out on traffic, and you hate the gym. You hear it’s “Bike Month” and an idea forms in your head. Could you bike to work? Maybe it’s not that crazy. It might solve some problems. But not before presenting some challenges. So you decide to get some information.

Bike Month

You seek out people who can give you advice.

Bike Month

But they may not have all the answers.

While there’s plenty of knowledge and resources available, no one will be able to give you the exact advice that’s right for you. In the beginning I looked for someone to teach me. I imagined someone who would tell me exactly what I wanted to know, someone like this:

Bike Month

Which was pretty specific to me.

Ultimately everybody’s biking needs are unique. So do research and get advice, but eventually you will learn more by doing. It’s actually not that scary but it takes time.


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Mirko von Berner

Great as usual. Thanks, Bikeyface is beautiful.





Not even a fantasy Tina Fey knows how to transport cupcakes on a bike without destroying them.


Bakfiets. Put a towel down in the bottom of the box so the tray doesn’t slide around.

I didn’t say it was a cheap solution, but your cupcakes will arrive unscathed as long as the kids stay buckled and don’t eat them up on the way.

steve magas

As always, your stuff is right on the mark!

At last, folks are designing clothes, albeit very expensive clothes, that can be used for semi-casual business bike work wear… 95% cotton/5% spandex lets you move on the bike, but still look cool – Check out


I love the woman covering her daughter’s eyes! So funny!
I would love to go on a ride with Tina Fey.

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