Different Shoes

This post is not actually a post about shoes.

It’s about perspective.

Think back to the days before you started biking to work. Or maybe you don’t even have to think back at all, maybe you haven’t started. Whether  you you drove, walked or took transit, you probably had some notion of cyclists on city streets. Mine was kind of like this:


But I liked biking and missed it. I thought it was for the suburbs and bike paths, and I didn’t leave near either. I never really considered biking in the city until I developed a crush.


So I decided to just try it out a little bit. I didn’t stop driving, but I took a leap and discovered that there was more to biking than my initial stereotype:


I fell in love with it. The musician crush faded, but the biking stuck.

Nobody has to bike. But sometimes it’s good to try something new and put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a bit. A different perspective can make all the difference.


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  • jofegaber May 10, 2012   Reply →

    Thanks! great post!

  • Ha! So true. However whenever I go back to using the car for work these days, I don’t view cyclists from a typical motorist’s point of view. I just wish I was out there with them on my own bike! Great blog BTW.

  • Cycler May 10, 2012   Reply →

    Nimby moon creature! Fantastic

  • Ian Brett Cooper May 10, 2012   Reply →

    Those ‘special lanes’ ARE for the motorists. Cyclists just aren’t supposed to know it (and most don’t).

  • John Romeo Alpha May 10, 2012   Reply →

    With 1/6 earth gravity and no noticeable air resistance, riding a bicycle on the moon would truly be interesting. One would probably require a special space suit, though, although there would be the “plain old space suit” purist moon riders, too. One thing I am sure of, though: a basket would be necessary.

  • DaveUK May 10, 2012   Reply →

    Is that a moontain bike? Sorry…
    Love the cartoons.

  • Ron W May 10, 2012   Reply →

    One thing about bike commuting on the moon, no helmet controversy.

  • Jessica Mink May 10, 2012   Reply →

    After working on getting several bike paths built and being an astronomer, I especially appreciate the “NIMBY moon creature”. Great work as always! And I love my new gold Bikeface t-shirt which I’ll wear when I’m leading Saturday’s Circle the City Ride to kick off Boston’s Bike Week.

  • Ethan Fleming May 10, 2012   Reply →

    There are special lanes for motorists only. They are called Storrow Drive, Route 93, The Mass Pike, Route 2, etc.

  • Timo Optionista May 10, 2012   Reply →

    Here in Portland we know all about Nu Shooz!
    (And our streets are past the point of no return.)

  • Dottie May 11, 2012   Reply →

    Ha, nice. I’m trying to remember what I thought of cyclists before I became one myself 4 years ago. I think just “brave.” And usually “male.” On days like today, when the sun is shining, cars are backed up in traffic for blocks, and dozens of bicyclists stream by, I wonder if many drivers are thinking – “hey, I should join them.” Probably not – probably more like the thought bubbles in your third drawing, but a woman can dream.

  • I’m worrying about what the moon dust is going to do to your chain…

  • Saddle Americana May 15, 2012   Reply →

    Yes! I love the frame with you pedaling through all the miffed car drivers—so true! The time we save on bikes is incredible, and it always feel so rewarding to cruise past long rows of cars! Just one of the many little joys experienced while commuting by bicycle.

  • Vocus Dwabe May 19, 2012   Reply →

    The Moon: one place where cycling without a helmet probably isn’t a very good idea.

  • Kat December 6, 2012   Reply →

    I was digging through the archives yesterday, shortly after seeing this post online from a friend: “I forgot how peaceful and beautiful walking can be. I should leave my bike behind more often.” It was a weird bit of quasi-synchronicity in reading about perspective. (I usually find walking rather dull, personally.)

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