Keep Smiling

I admit that sometimes I get frustrated with biking in the city. There are days that bring out my inner curmudgeon and I feel like this guy:

Attention Getting

But try not to put negativity out there. I don’t want a fight. So I try to stay positive. Sometimes I’m so positive it freaks the shit out of drivers. Like when a driver doesn’t see me and is about to left hook me…

Attention Getting

When I wave to them all smiley they really don’t know what to make of it. They just look surprised and let me pass safely.

Try it sometime. Or feel free to experiment with your own positive reinforcement approach.

Attention Getting

Well, maybe not this approach.

But you know what I mean. You’ll not only make others smile, you’ll cheer yourself up too.


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43 Responses to “Keep Smiling”

  • I absolutely love this, even though I’m closer to the guy with the camera (or would be if there were any bike lanes where I live) than you or the chick in the last panel. but we all work with what we have, right.

  • Jay

    Ah, the most nobelist of all cycling archetypes: the Retro-Grouch.

  • Don Forbes

    attitudes are contagious! =o]

  • Speaking as a retro-grouch, all this talk about positivity is making me depressed.

  • David

    LOL. No camera or helmet most of the time but I do have the beard. I find cycling promotes the smiles. I ride to the grocery store to pick up some vittles and I find myself smiling and just about every other shopper frowning. Maybe the grocery store needs official greeters (Flashers) like those in the bottom pane.l

  • Greg

    That is exactly what I do and it is so effective. I’m talking about the positive approach, I know nobody wants to see my shirt over my head so I havent tried that! Thanks for never failing to brighten my morning with your posts. Sadly I don’t have the kind of job that allows me to ride to/from it, so I really enjoy your experiences, (and especially your art) have a wonderful day and be safe.

  • I guess having a helmet cam brings me one step closer to being a retro-grouch curmudgeon one day. *le sigh*

  • Nice one, BikeyFace. Man, that top photo looks like me on some days out on the road.


  • No, not the pamphlets! *whimper*

  • If you try that last panel’s positive reinforcement in New Orleans, you might get some beads in addition to the right of way.

  • Thanks for countering the retrogrouch with a bikey face! We need your new paradigm.

  • Amy

    This is what I do too, and it works! Haven’t tried the flashing though. Don’t need to be responsible for heart attacks and accidents. ;) I have to be friendly here. Everyone knows everyone in this town and as soon as I let loose the curmudgeon sure enough I’ll be face to face with them at the shop or in line with them at the store. I’ve got most folks on my route trained and many wave at me now. :)

  • Kevin

    Funny stuff (and relatable). Love your drawings.

  • I continually greet and wave to passing cyclists, especially when their minds are in never, never land. Wake up cyclists! Say hi to your fellow pedalers. As a cyclist I aim to set the bar higher in the friendly department.

  • alex

    hahaha! i totally do the smile and wave thing! my dad used to do that to people who would honk at him for no/a stupid reason while driving and i guess he passed along his aggressive kindness.

  • That top frame is hilarious—I mean, they’re all superb—but that very first picture is just so perfect! You’re totally right, we’ve all seen that guy and even been that guy once in a while. Keep it positive and pedal well!

  • Louie Garcia

    I love all your drawings but that last panel is outrageously hilarious!

  • GRJim

    Ok you’re in denial but the nip slip is a nice touch.

  • While I actually agree to 50% of #1’s arguments, I usually prefer #2’s approach to enforce them, too. And I agree, I love the confusion overly friendly behaviour sometimes provokes…

  • mizbonnt

    Funny, but what I find is that it’s the dudes who look like the one at the top who are generally doing it wrong and also seem to not like getting passed by girls. so, so silly.

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