Keep Smiling

I admit that sometimes I get frustrated with biking in the city. There are days that bring out my inner curmudgeon and I feel like this guy:

Attention Getting

But try not to put negativity out there. I don’t want a fight. So I try to stay positive. Sometimes I’m so positive it freaks the shit out of drivers. Like when a driver doesn’t see me and is about to left hook me…

Attention Getting

When I wave to them all smiley they really don’t know what to make of it. They just look surprised and let me pass safely.

Try it sometime. Or feel free to experiment with your own positive reinforcement approach.

Attention Getting

Well, maybe not this approach.

But you know what I mean. You’ll not only make others smile, you’ll cheer yourself up too.


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Opus the Poet

I absolutely love this, even though I’m closer to the guy with the camera (or would be if there were any bike lanes where I live) than you or the chick in the last panel. but we all work with what we have, right.


Ah, the most nobelist of all cycling archetypes: the Retro-Grouch.

Don Forbes

attitudes are contagious! =o]

Ian Brett Cooper

Speaking as a retro-grouch, all this talk about positivity is making me depressed.


LOL. No camera or helmet most of the time but I do have the beard. I find cycling promotes the smiles. I ride to the grocery store to pick up some vittles and I find myself smiling and just about every other shopper frowning. Maybe the grocery store needs official greeters (Flashers) like those in the bottom pane.l

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