Too Close for Comfort

If you’re lucky enough to have a bike lane, you’re still probably not lucky enough to have a comfortably wide luxurious bike lane. And even with the words “Bikes Only” coupled with cute little stick figure cyclists, you’re probably spending a good deal of time avoiding things in your lane that are not bikes. Space is precious.

So I’m surprised that sometimes when I’m in the bike lane there is always a cyclist who decides to pass me within the narrow bike lane.

Sometimes on the left, or worse, on the right. And even in intersections when the light turns green where cyclists are most unstable as they start moving. They silently sneak up on me without a word of warning. Just once I wish they would yell–

Too Close for Comfort

Or if that’s too long, maybe just shout–

Too Close for Comfort

And sometimes when they pass so close that I can feel their arm hair I want to say–

Too Close for Comfort


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Sometimes I’m a little sad that I never get to see any other cyclists around where I live, but maybe that’s a good thing. 😀


Dear ours, this is obviously a matter of style of dress …. Try a KISS style, ie jackets with spikes, logos gore and some intimidating poster. hahaha. Just kidding … You’re right, most times the cyclist himself or respected, or respect their peers …. The car culture has played havoc with our minds. A greeting.

life on a bike is fun most of the time. Unfortunately, like anything in life involving people, your experience is always going to be consistently different. That’s because some people take care of others around them, and others assume that those around them can take care of themselves. We hope that most people will take care, however, in today’s busy, busy life, time and space is precious and lots of well meaning people take less care than is appropriate. One thing I can’t understand is how people can ride with earphones! How can you be aware of everything around you?… Read more »

I hate it when people pass too close and frighten me, even on our separate path. I was hauling my kids’ Razor scooter the other day, sideways on my bike rack – not on purpose of course – but the effect was like a barrier around me. I rather liked the space it afforded.


If they are dangerous and discourteous while riding, it would be the same if they are walking or driving. When I get passed on the right it’s usually right before they run a red light.
I agree with Richard above about earphones – I’ve seen and used types that keep the ear canal open for hearing my surroundings but ultimately didn’t need to listen to music that badly. I suspect it won’t be long before Google releases their augmented reality glasses and we see people wearing those while riding, too.

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