The Great Outdoors

Sometimes it’s a really nice day and I can’t wait to get outside on my bike and experience the world up close and personal… but somehow other things get in the way and I miss the whole sunshine and fresh air experience…

Fresh Air

Well, I guess this is a an”experience” too.

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24 Responses to “The Great Outdoors”

  • dukiebiddle

    It’s weird how more intense my sense of smell is when I’m cycling. Well, not weird, I guess – as one is inhaling a little more deeply while cycling. Still, when I’m on a bike I can smell a cigarette at 50 yards.

  • I just commented about smells I notice bicycling on my last blog post! The good smells like grills with dinner cooking on them or the smell of laundry are nice.

  • (speaking of the wonderful cartoon itself) Ain’t that the truth of how it is someday? LOL! :P

    The DC

  • Ethan Fleming

    Like I have said before…..There is nothing like the smell of carbon monoxide in the morning.

  • I have some reflections on smelling both the shit and the honeysuckle, over yonder:

  • Lee Hollenbeck

    I too notice smells on the bike. Honeysuckle in bloom just after a rain shower. I get to ride through some parks/ conservation areas on my way from Wilmington to Brighton. Woods and flowers and ponds and such. Really enjoyable. BBQ and coffee roasters are the best.

  • Ethan Fleming

    As an epileptic, when I am recovering from a seizure my sense of smell becomes stronger than usual. One time while riding down the Bruce Freedman Trail to get to work a bakery was cooking some stuff at the same time and I could smell it about a quarter of a mile away.

    • When I was working in downtown Seattle, I could smell the bakeries up on the Hill working away – sometimes bread, sometimes donuts. On the reverse ride home, the Chinese noodle factories would be pouring out that starchy smell of 10,000 noodles being processed.

    • Ethan Fleming

      Well I guess it is not a bad thing as long as it is something that smells good.

  • It’s so true! There’s nothing like taking a deep breath and expecting to suck in the freshness of the outdoors, only for your nose and lungs to be bombarded with exhaust, cigarette smoke, and all those other ‘pleasant contaminants’. The sun is still there though!!

  • I hardly notice the “fresh air smells” on the street.
    Probably because my sense of smell is butchered by my work on a factory. :-(

  • calin

    Brilliant post!

  • Lizzy

    My riding partner and I played hop scotch with a garbage truck on a county ride once. We’d pass and they’d catch up and stop at the next house. We’d smell garbage and pass the truck when it stopped … until we hit a “hill of death” and descended real fast, got a little ahead, and rode like crazy. Then the truck was gaining on us once more and eventually went around, only to stop at the next house. By this time the driver of the garbage truck was so ready to pass us that he left his rear man behind. We found the driver and truck about a half mile down the road, waiting for the worker on foot to catch up. Heh, heh, heh. Garbage truck hop scotch.

  • So damn true :) The smoke really gets in to me everytime I’m behind a bus.

  • And then there is the roadkill on a hot day…yuck!

  • glenn

    Yesterday, some 45 yr old Dodge pulled out about a block ahead of me. Smelled it forever after it was gone. Thought to myself I wouldn’t ride if emissions controls weren’t invented.

  • But, when you ride on the BGT in Seattle, and the wind is blowing right, the smell of alder-smoked salmon from Ivar’s invigorates and sustains you.

  • traffic cyclist

    The things that sustain the 300 millions of us alive and in first-world comforts…

  • Smells are one of the great joys of bicycling, even when the smell is a little less than desirable. The best is when I ride through residential areas and can smell dinner cooking. Awesome.

  • Justine

    Ride up Main St. in Cambridge in the morning and the smells from the candy factory are divine.

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