Simple Solution

One year ago this week I sold my car. To commemorate that, I wanted to reflect on my former commuting life, and how sometimes there is a “simpler” solution right under our nose. But it takes an open mind to *see* it. And take the leap and figure it out.

Simple Solution

There’s nothing wrong with cars, they’re very useful. But they’re not the tool for every job. With Boston being ranked as 19th for congestion (and my former home city of Los Angeles as 1st) I’ve found I can get more done on two wheels, while enjoying life much more.

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I do not like reflecting on my auto dependence days because of how sad I was as a person, but it’s nice to be reminded of why I gave up my car in the first place.

Another potential future post is the frustration of finding a parking spot – my tipping point for selling my car in Boston.


We rented a car from the car-share the other day to move some stuff, and my wife spent literally almost 10 minutes circling near our apartment trying to find a place to park when we were done with it. SOOOOO don’t miss that.

Jay Nielsen

That was me about 5 years ago when I llived only 20 mIles from work. Unfortunately, I’m back to where I started — only I now drive over 3 times the distance :=(

Antoine RJ Wright

I’ve had that thought so many times over the past years its not even funny. Still, I live in a metro (Charlotte) where getting around w/assistance to cycling (i.e., public transportation and safe(er) roads), just isn’t happening as fast as it is elsewhere. I do it.. and to get looks from kids, teens (!!), and fellow adults (!!!) that I do go by bike is a a trip.

But, yea, passing them when they are stuck in that AM/PM traffic jam up because the roads here we designed for fewer and slower traffic. That’s just pure fun to no end.


Good for you! I bike everywhere in Charlotte too. The key is to live in a close in connected neighborhood. I live in Midwood and I can bike just about everywhere doing everything. Keep looking and you’ll find ways/places closeby. It’s difficult to never drive here but I’ve gotten it down to one day a week which is tolerable. The other 6 days I’m biking and loving it.

Ethan Fleming
Society today is WAY TOO DEPENDENT on cars. I swear, the human race has become so lazy that heading to a store a half mile away is too much work for some people to walk. I bike to work 17 miles one way. I only use the car when the winter comes and I really need it. Also. I have grown up with epilepsy which means every time I have a seizure I loose my license for 6 months. This has made me realize what a privilege it is to be able to drive in the first place. That is… Read more »

Cars are like drugs. Useful when absolutely needed as a last resort, but highly addictive. Fortunately I cannot afford to keep putting gas in my behemoth so I drive as little as possible.

Ethan Fleming


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