In the Bag

When I first started biking the whole routine was unfamiliar. I really didn’t know what I needed but I didn’t want to get caught off guard. I wanted to be prepared for anything. But I found it overwhelming to just get out the door…

In the Bag

I didn’t need all that stuff when I drove or took the subway, and I didn’t need much of it for biking. Over time I learned what I need and reduced it to just what was essential for my own lifestyle:

In the Bag

Most of the the clothing/makeup routine is just done at home like before. I keep a few spare emergency items at work. And I probably should carry some repair tools but they’re heavy to always carry. I figure I’ll just make friends with a fellow cyclist (one of the ones who’s prepared for everything) if I get a flat or take a Hubway bike home.

However, even though I have settled on my ideal bike kit, I still dream about an even better one…

In the Bag

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The DC

I’m one of those “ready for anything” types,LOL,eSPECIALLY when on the Xtracycle when I can pack more gear 😛

The DC


Hmm, bottle of beer in a bike kit? Great idea! 😉

Opus the Poet
Of your fantasy kit, the glow in the dark pills are already in preliminary animal testing, not expected for human consumption for at least 10 years. As for the aromatherapy traffic calming they have that for making the humans calmer, does that count? And I’m pretty sure that there is such a thing as beer in the real world, as long as you stay away from American Pilsners and look for real beers like Shiner Bock or Black, or your local equivalent. I think Sam Adams does a pretty good beer (or 20) near you. As for the rest. well… Read more »

try mounting the pump to one of your seat stays

Brompton Driver

Baby wipes and a corkscrew. Yes, now your kit is complete!


I always carry a book, lights and water.

My bike has a built in pump and is soon to have a built in toolkit.

Anything else is optional.

I reckon you could do at least a weeks treking with the contents of the top picture (if you enjoy foraging for food).

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