Lock it Up!

The other day I witnessed a crime…

Lock it Up!

The wheels had “quick-theft” levers and the whole transaction was done in 2 minutes. Which made me wonder how many bikes are lost to poor lock-up jobs just waiting for the wrong person with the right tool to come along…

Lock it Up!

And if that doesn’t happen, there could be another fate waiting…

Lock it Up!

But in addition to having a strong lock you need to actually lock it to something secure. However that has become much easier here in Somerville lately:

Lock it Up!

So there is no excuse for this!

Lock it Up!

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Opus the Poet

Shouldn’t bike racks (that’s what the second-from-the-left bike is locked up to) be secured a little better than that? And I frequently have nothing better than handicapped parking signs to lock my bike to when I go shopping. The one (1) bike parking spot at the store is always full because there are workers at the store that ride bikes and first to the store gets a place to lock up.


The way you lock up your bike is indeed as important as a good lock or 2.
A lot of bikes are being stolen or vandalized in the netherland. And every lock can be picked of course, so a bicycle insurance is important too.


Seeing all these situations … thanks to god for my folder 🙂


Tall Bike Parking! HA!
I’m loving the bike corrals popping up everywhere- need more in Boston!

Pete Stidman

Where do you want them in Boston exactly?

bostonperson whohasbike
bostonperson whohasbike

just get rid of all metered spaces and replace them with bike corrals- that’ll make EVERYONE happy ;-). I’m also waiting for the day you can take your bike on the T during rush hour – not holding my breath, though.

Matt the Mechanic

Those flimsy locks! Most of them you can pop open with a screwdriver.
I have to admit, I’m pretty jealous of all the bike locking opportunities (lockportunities?) you get up there! Around here it seems like businesses are going out of their way to make it harder to lock up nearby.

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