Boston Beware!

It’s been pretty hot this summer but it’s finally starting to cool off and my energy is starting to return. However, while it is “technically” better biking weather, for me biking is going to get worse before it gets any better. That’s because I live in a city where I pass no less than 5 colleges on my way to work (more depending on my route) and 80% of apartment leases have a start date of September 1st. Yep, that’s right, it’s…

Moving Day

In all this mess, just try to remember that at least you’re not as stuck in the traffic jam. And be afraid of U-Hauls. Very afraid.

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16 Responses to “Boston Beware!”

  • “Take Storrow Drive, it will be faster”. Hehe. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard that. I miss Boston.

    • Moopheus

      Yeah, it usually comes just before they discover (the hard way) that the truck doesn’t fit under the overpass. And yes, U-Haul rental trucks are the scariest class of vehicle on the road.

  • Be very very very afraid of Uhauls! Giant blindspots plus young inexperienced driver in a hurry= don’t get anywhere near it. And anyone with out of state plates can be counted on to drive unpredictably and know nothing about sharing the road with bikes. If at all possible, plan routes that don’t go through Allston.

    Harvard and MIT tend to be more decorous about crap on the sidewalk, but there are still lots of people in town these couple of weeks from places where bikes are not common, and they have no idea how to drive around them, plus they’re likely to be completely lost.

  • Ethan Fleming

    Disturbingly that picture very accurately describes what Boston is like during moving time.

  • traffic cyclist

    Good: you are depicting cars and trucks nicely. (Remember when you said you can’t draw cars?)
    Bad: cars and trucks are depicted.

  • Louie Garcia

    My brothers & I are from California but one of them and his wife (who works at Harvard) live in Brookline. I thought they were kidding about “Boston Moving Day.” Thanks for the eye-opening post! =)

  • heh, I just got acquainted to the term “Boston Christmas” this weekend. I still remember living in Kenmore Square many years ago and having Moving Day coincide with a Red Sox home game. Good god, that was a nightmare.

  • “Allston Christmas!” – I love it. Never heard that term before.

  • Dan TheMan

    Some call it the “U-Haul-o-cost” !

    I’m moving to Allston…. just not on the 1st.
    If I can move mid week I will pay extra to avoid the madness!

  • mattm

    This is SO much better then the Globe article that gets recycled every year. Love the rats.

  • Ethan Fleming

    Actually I’m moving on moving day.

  • Blinkie McJitters

    To me, the school year doesn’t start until a Uhaul looks like an open can of sardines on Storrow Drive.

  • William Furr

    This is why I’m going out of town today. Too bad I’m coming back on Sunday; it will still be crazy.

    Had a fun experience last night. There was a mile-long line of BC students crossing Beacon St to some party, and a mile long line of stopped cars waiting for the crossing guard to interrupt the flow of students. I coasted down the hill past all the stopped cars to the front of the line and stopped and looked for a bit. Then I got a huge grin, dismounted, and carefully walked through the line of students, and then went on my merry way. The lady in the minivan stopped on the other side laughed when she saw me do it.

    I love biking, even in Boston.

  • Renee

    This was me driving through Allston today… while moving to Davis…

  • From a UK perspective, this is a kind of odd post. We don’t seem to have quite the same degree of physical localisation of students at university that you do in the USA. Similarly, we don’t seem to have the start dates all synchronised to the same degree. I work at a London University, and worrying about students moving in accommodation has never occurred to me, even though there are over 400000 university students scattered around twenty two major universities and over sixty smaller universities, and colleges. We do seem to rely a lot more on private landlords and university accommodation which is spread much further from campuses than seems common in the USA.

    Of course, once the new term starts, there will still be plenty of gormless students around the periphery of the campus when I cycle into work, so I’ll have to be on the lookout for them.

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