Sometimes when I’m riding I feel like I have a certain superhero power. Which turns out isn’t all that super.


Because I’m not made of steel.

And even if I could find a use for this superpower…


…it still wouldn’t solve anything.

Invisibility is dangerous. I want drivers to see me, I want their attention.


But even if I tried all this it wouldn’t solve the problem. I’m the elephant on the road, costume or not.

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Opus the Poet

I know the feeling. What’s worse are the ones that see you but just don’t care because “You’re in the way!”


No kidding. I have literally been hit by cars, and I’m directly quoting them mind you, because I was “in their way”.

In what type of society is that ok?!


How true!


Sad, actually pathetic, but true. Why should we have to wear obnoxious clothing and be sporting BRIGHT flashing lights to NOT be part of the problem, when the problem really is clueless motorists?


So, so true! It’s a vicious circle that people start wearing hi-viz and extra lighting to avoid being hit (even though people dressed up like that still do get hit), and then motorists (and the courts!) decide that if a cyclist ISN’T dressed up like that then they are obviously suicidal and therefore it doesn;t matter if they get hit.


yes I totally agree. I’m a high-vis denier because I feel like I’m giving in to the notion that cycling is DANGEROUS. Next pedestrians will have to wear it. I have actually seen pedestrian-safety campaigns that suggest they wear light-coloured clothing (!) What next, should they carry LED signs reading CAUTION, PERSON CROSSING ROAD?

(actually I fibbed a little bit, I do wear a vest at dusk and heavily overcast days, because I think that’s when cyclists really are invisible)


I can relate – I’m all decked out in flashy clothing, pulling my trailabike, and I still have minivans trying to squeeze me into the curb as they make their (incompetent) turns.
“The bike lane doesn’t begin until over there!”(pointing)

Remedy: camera-phone, but quickly, as louts loathe being held accountable for their actions.

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