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Opus the Poet

That system only works if there is bicycle parking at the store in question. That doesn’t apply to where I live.


I don’t see the problem. If it has no bike parking it receives a “zero bikes” rating, and will be ignored by those who care about its bike rating.


Good businesses will install bicycle parking near the front door.


commuter, in Dallas, there is a $1000 fee payable to the city for placing ANYTHING on the sidewalk: rack, planter, table and chairs, etc. Until the law changes, you aren’t going to see any bike racks here.

Roger Levy

I rode past M.I.T. in 2005 and saw that all the academic buildings were surrounded by a sea of bikes and thought to myself, “damn, this must be a real brain school!”

Megan Ramey

The bike corral is going to be the visual “yelp” for bicyclists soon. Knowing that it takes both the business owner, the property manager, and sometimes the building owner to come together and ask the city to put in a corral means that they really do value the business from bikers. Now let’s just see where the market forces lie!


I’ve made it a point to stop at businesses with bike corrals. Sometimes the place is busy and I can’t say “Thanks for the corral” to the shift manager, or I get a moment of shyness… So I then try to go back again when business is quieter.

I suppose I should just have a Thank You note, pre written in my back pack for such times.

I really want businesses who take the time, effort and risk to put in a bike corral to know it brings in business from passionate clientele who spend money.


dramatically placing helmet on counter when fishing out money is also a good signal to business owners.

traffic cyclist

here where i am, it is voting with suv’s. even in front of bike stores–they just have bike racks on them.

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