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Karl McCracken (@KarlOnSea
Oh dear – the stuff with the car on the right… a lesson of bitter experience? Look on the bright side though. If things were reversed, then the sort of routine antisocial, casual law-breaking that many drivers indulge in would also be allowed for bikes. Want to ride on the UK’s pavement (that’s the sidewalk to you)? No problem – *everyone* drives along it to park out of the way of other cars. Want to ride fast in a residential street? No problem – that “speed limit” is really more of a guide anyway, set ont he expectation that 15%… Read more »

Love the ulock detail!


You got a taste of cars for sure. I’m damn sure no one else would have ever cartooned “Kizashi” till date!!!

Alan (Uncle Robot)

At least didn’t steal our engines like happened last week – no more hating.

Fun comparisons. I love the U-lock to solid objects. Of course, urban car drivers might not find this very funny: you realize, of course, that car wheels do get stolen, and probably with a frequency not altogether different from bike wheels? They also have 4 of them to replace (usually all stolen as a set) and they are worth similar amounts of money, but car wheels have a much readier resale market. The seat, though, is almost uniquely a bicycling problem, I think. I never worried about my motorcycle seat. Or wheels, for that matter.
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