Left Bank Bike

When I had a car I wasn’t one of those people who loved their car. And my car was certainly not an extension of my personality. But since I started biking, I’ve been looking for that perfect bike. One that’s like a best friend who completes your thoughts… and has two wheels.

Well, I’ve found that bike.

Left Bank Bike

The bike is classic looking and rides like a Django Reinhardt songSomehow I find myself dressing in 1920’s inspired outfits (well, more than usual) and speeding around the left bank of Boston daydreaming it is a little more like a certain other left bank:

Left Bank Bike

The bicycle is so lovely it seems to have a bit of a traffic calming effect.

Left Bank Bike

And sometimes that creates a bit of a problem for an artist. Like when my bike kept me company at my recent open studio.

Left Bank Bike

But, still, I wouldn’t be all that sad if more people fell in love with bikes.

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24 Responses to “Left Bank Bike”

  • Love it! I’m about to go through this as I’m heading down to Adeline Adeline and Rolling Orange Bikes in mid-June and I’m not coming back without my cadillac of bikes. Test driving the Work Cycle FR8, GR8 and Oma, Paper Bike, Azor Oma, Onderwater, Azor Long Trail and FietsFabriek.

  • Marianna

    Congrats on the bike! and a particularly good comic!

  • Dan

    Next step, Bekka: You should paint your bike. Check out this “Starry Night”: http://www.2011.handmadebicycleshow.com/2011/02/26/friday-feb-25

  • wicca

    I love my bike too :o) it is a smaller citybike with basket at front… and when I have flowers in the basket I feel like somewhere in France… daydreaming every ride :o)

  • Made my day — love the panel with Hemingway, Stein, et al hanging out with the modern cafe goers :)

    My partner in Bike Friendly GR just left today for Europe with his girlfriend, so I’ll now have to ride the left bank of my little city while he rides the real one. I’ll take your positive outlook on riding the “wrong” left bank to heart!

    Love your work!

  • Boats on the river brings back memories of sailing on the MIT boats (can’t take your bike on those boats though). Thanks!

  • In Paris, where all handlebars are level with the saddle, and most have baskets to carry wine, cheese and flowers. No one walks or rides alone there. The Velib bike-share is a wonderful way to see the city.

  • I’m looking for the same type of bike, one that lifts my spirits just by looking at her, one that will have me pining for rides along the waterfront, where I’ll need to tote a book and picnic lunch. I think many of us are looking for the same dream bike. Thanks for expressing that thought so nicely. Glad your bike is perfect for you.

  • scott

    Well done, well done! Friday’s are always better when your latest post arrives. Thank you!

  • I’m sure that somewhere Gigi is happy for you and your bike together…

  • Lee Hollenbeck

    Nice ride. Basket or rear rack?

  • Oldbikerider

    For a girl who isn’t into cars, i’m always amazed at how remarkably well you draw them! ……just saying

  • Kevin Love

    Love the bike! I love my own bicycle also, which is a Pashley Roadster Sovereign. See the photo at:


    Mine is the large frame version with the double top tube as I am 6′ 8″ tall. I love it!

    The only thing that I might suggest with the bicycle shown in the cartoon is that you might consider a chaincase and a skirtguard. That would ensure that your clothes are fully protected.

  • Sarah

    Yay, I’m in love with my Soma Buena Vista too! She has a name (actually, a name *and* a nickname). And great drawings – I guessed it was a Buena Vista before I clicked on the link! And if the drawings are at all representative of the actual build, it looks very similar to my build – seeing these was almost like looking at a drawing of my own bicycle!

  • Great strip and great bike! My VO Rando approves also…

  • James

    Now I wanna see actual pictures of the bike.haha. Bike nerd here.
    But nothing better than a bike that you love. My bikes make me happy.

    • Check out the first link in the post to find professional pictures of the very bike Bekka Bikeyface got, it’s gorgeous (but not as nice as Gigi).

  • Tom G.

    *Chuckles* Know the feeling. I’d gone to my dentist for a check, locked my bike to the rail of the coffeehouse next door. Came out and chatted for a half hour with a few people who had been admiring my much used LHT.

  • We love your posts. Keep up the great work and we should beat the pulp out of ugly smoke emitting vehicles !

  • Sweet ride I have always like the lines of the Soma Buena Vista and the build you put together with “Lovely Bicycle” is just damn gorgeous- I would gawk but then I am pretty much a sucker for any kind of old school looking ride and I love split down tube mixtes.

  • I don’t think I have the “perfect” bike yet, but the GT Traffic8 I got last fall and rode all winter may be my favorite bike yet. Hybrid, flat bars, 8-speed internal hub, and hydraulic disk brakes.

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