Forecast Says?

It’s always hard for me to figure out what to wear for each season. But this time of year, New England weather seems to change every 15 minutes (sometimes to extremes) and often wardrobe changes are required. So I’m either unprepared and soaked because I didn’t interpret that 10% chance of rain as a thunderous downpour… or I’m this person:

Forecast Says

But what would be really useful is a weather app that simply gave me the forecast in clothing.

Forecast Says

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Nick Andrew

Hi Bekka, for down-to-earth weather forecasts, I like Arcus Weather on android.. and for what to wear each day based on the weather, you could try the what to wear weather widget, which I’ve not tried, but might be a nice way to do it….?.. these are both android apps.

take care, and thanks for the beautiful drawings…!


Edwin Cohen

I find the weather forecasting unfourtinately accurately here in Portland, it’s gray and dismal grey dismal and then sunny 95 and humid 100%. That’s why we have bike naked day at lest then if it rains your cloths don’t get wet and if this sun comes out your not to hot . The other advantage is that everybody is a little too lumpy, skinny and more or less not perfect. We still love each other but the naked is not so lustful.

John Holstein

You only get wet once.


Though I’m a man I’d also be glad to have such an app. With my recumbent trike I only like to cycle without rain and sometimes it’s not easy to grab the right clothes. My stuff against bad weather (packed in side bags) is like an airbag of a car: I have it with me, but I don’t want to use or see it anytime. 😉

Alan (Uncle Robot)

I carry a 3-D printer on my rack and my iPhone app prints out the clothes I need as the weather changes. Very handy!

John Brooking

Best reply ever! 😀

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