The Real World

Everyday there’s more and more technology to keep us more connected… at work:

The Real World

…at home:

The Real World

…even during our commute:

The Real World

With “social media” connecting us, there’s something missing. The real world. And real people.

You may not be able to change whether you need to work. But you can change how you get to work. Just changing a commute from four to two wheels makes a big difference.

Social Media

Not only that, once you’re outside the box, you’ll find yourself running into real people again. Lot’s of them. Doing interesting things, going interesting places. And there’s always time to stop and talk.

The Real World

You can use all social media you want, but it turns out, bicycles are a better way to actually connect.

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24 Responses to “The Real World”

  • Uncle Robot

    Bikeyface – you are the BEST!

  • This captures my world view perfectly. Thanks!

    Two legs work as well as two wheels with the same effect.

  • Love the shout out to Boston’s bike community. Is that supposed to be rockstar, Josh? Too funny!

  • Vedomyr

    Great! I’m going to repost it! =]

  • You also get in some real human interaction with motorists, and sometimes it’s even positive, really!

  • Matt L.

    One may notice, that the interesting people we like to watch on TV or in the movies are not themselves watching TV, or Facebooking – thay are doing things. Why do we do it so much?

  • Kristopher Rhodes

    I intentionally don’t answer my phone a lot. At work, at home… don’t answer it. If it’s important enough they want a proper response, they can jolly well talk to me in person!

  • Almost every morning, I see 4-6 friends on the ride into work. We wave, say hi, and try to connect for a low five as we pass. One friend and I end up at a local bike shop / coffee shop along the trail, and chat over a scone and coffee.

  • And maybe one day I will “bike into” you up there in Beantown.

  • Haha! I recognize Zisson!

  • Jake

    So true!

  • David Berndt

    Best POST YEY!

  • scott

    Indeed! Connected to what? The older I get the less interested I am in mass technology. You want to live on the edge? Shut yourself off from it all and reconnect in new/vital ways. It’s a blast. As always, your fresh humor brings a smile. Thanks.

  • Ah, so true, so true. Bicycling puts a smile on my face every morning that I ride to work. Then I sit at my computer all day…

  • Alexander Torres

    Paradoxically, I found my way here via social networks (after getting home from a long and thoroughly enjoyable bike ride, I should add)!

  • Jane

    <3 Boston, biking, and your take on life! It is so true! Getting my bike, and biking around has made me feel so free and happy… I could never go back to commuting on the subway!

  • Alison

    This is SO true. Commuting by bike just might be the antidote to our tech-poisoned lives!

  • Here, kitty kitty

    I recognize a ninja and a dan, definitely making a dansome face!

  • I do have the option to work one day per wk. from home.

    So far I haven’t bitten on this option because I don’t mind my commute: it’s by bike and not super far from work. I have a lovely route that lots of people would envy.

    BUT now because of a major flood last month which over 100,000 people were evacuated from downtown and various other parts, our work building downtown was seriously damaged in terms electrical and telecommunications systems, I am working from home.

    For first time I can remote into work…so it’s put me in this time of work tender-leash frame of mind. I don’t quite like it.

    No, I’m not a cellphone user. And no, you can’t put 14,000 employees exclusively on cellphone use (for the next flood, God forbid). It doesn’t work with lousy reception, etc. and trying to interact with clients when you collaborate virtually by using specialized software.

    But I may as well enjoy it temporarily for next few weeks.

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