Racking up Points

The good news is a lot of places have started adding bicycle racks to accommodate people who arrive by bike. The bad news is, these racks don’t actually accommodate people who arrive by bike.

Putting a rack in some dark corner does not make a place bike friendly.

Racking up Points

I’d no more want to leave my bike there as a parent would want to leave their child here:

Racking up Points

Even when the bike rack is placed in plain daylight out front, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can actually lock up to it.

Racking up Points

Also, the bike rack you bought may have been designed to fit your budget but not actually designed to fit real bikes.

Racking up Points

These bike-friendly gestures are basically empty gestures. None of us will bother to lock up to these racks since we want to keep our bikes (and all it’s pieces) intact. It’s our ride home after all.

Instead, we will lock up to something, anything, more secure.

Racking up Points

So, when buying and installing a bike rack please consult someone who rides a bike.

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48 Responses to “Racking up Points”

  • Marge Evans

    so true about the bicycle racks ALWAYA being were the smokers hang out. loove your comic.

  • Mitchell

    Great post! It is so true that bicycle parking is almost always an after-thought in development process. As much as I hate required parking minimums for automobiles, the model provided there makes the path to better bicycle parking clear: Get your local government to require bicycle parking. Good examples of bicycle parking regulations can be found in a number of cities incuding Portland, OR (little too perscriptive maybe), Madison, WI and Hailey, ID. If you see a problem complain about that problem. However, if you want the problem addressed bring a potential solution to the table and you are much more likely to see positive results.

  • Funny how this topic is focussed on lately. I had a post on my blog on this a few weeks ago: http://nuernberg2rad.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/abstellen-abschliessen-anschliessen/ (german)

  • Rod

    I’d like to add the most coomon thing I see around my city, bike racks that aren’t secured to anything. They aren’t bolted down, or secured in any way. Just a 30# aluminum rack,with space for 2 bikes, sitting loose on the ground.

  • Kevin Love

    There are places that take bicycle parking seriously. See, for example:


  • Eric Herot

    I thought of this post when I had 30 seconds to lock my bike up outside of North Station last Friday (because, naturally, one cannot take their bike on an outbound commuter rail train to Rockport, even when it is only 2/3rds full at 6:45pm).


  • Rebecca

    I would love, love, LOVE to see this blog entry turned into a 1-page poster that could be printed out and handed to business owners. My boyfriend has been working with a cycling advocacy organization to install better bike racks in front of businesses, and sometimes they need to see something like this to understand why they’re being approached to make a change.

  • Paul Milne

    The best bike parking in my small town is at the mega-supermarket on the outskirts. Damn them for having something good and wholesome! It means my hatred cannot be pure.

    The other thing that gets me is when “they” (unspecified numpty) take a perfectly good “sheffield rack” and run it parallel to a wall instead of of perpendicular to it, thus halving the effecting number of bikes per rack and takes up approximately 3 times more wall space than it should, thereby going from say a potential 18 bikes to about 3 or 6 if it’s long enough for two to fit against one side of the rack.

  • I so identify with your comics that illustrate crappy bike racks in comic #1 & #4. Thankfully one of my local grocery stores installed a more practical bike rack set that was put across 2 car parking spots. It’s a great statement /gesture by a grocery store. And I’m always pleased to see several bikes locked when I use it. More cycling customers can be accommodated than a car driver. :)

    I came from Toronto where I used to live and ….over 20 years ago, the city installed excellent bike rack design (post and wheel) all over the place.

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