When a Bike Bell Rings…

…Nothing happens at all.

When a Bell Rings...

Nope, absolutely nothing. Even with the loudest, biggest bells I can find nobody hears me coming on my bike.

I’d get a horn, but I really don’t want to contribute to the stress of the city. It would make much more sense to do the reverse.


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26 Responses to “When a Bike Bell Rings…”

  • Liz

    I found that to be true. No one listens to a bike bell. I use my voice. However, I often have to be near pedestrians for them to hear as they are engrossed in a conversation on a cell phone or with other person and not paying attention. “Stop” or “Passing” [for cars pulling out of a driveway] or “Passing left” [pedestrians] works pretty good for me.

  • Alliwant

    Try a squeaktoy, like a dog’s chew-toy. Gets some great reactions on the bike paths!

  • Jamie

    Has anyone here tried ORP? The bike horn and light?

  • Shawn

    When you pass people striking for better wages/working conditions and ring your bell in support, they cheer and raise their picket signs, so that’s cool.

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