Not Athletic

Because people notice I bike somehow I keep finding myself in this conversation:

Not Athletic

It’s funny people think I’m athletic. Obviously they didn’t know me way back when.

Not Athletic

I only survived gym class because I pretended to be really angry when the game didn’t go my way. Taking a game too seriously seemed to be the way to be taken seriously when playing sports.

Not Athletic

And I haven’t gotten any more athletic after that. I’ve just found a lifestyle that works for me.

Not Athletic

Commuting by bike doesn’t have to be an athletic undertaking. It just takes time to get used to it.

And now that it’s second nature for me I find myself having awkward moments like this:

Not Athletic


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  • Schrödinger's Cat October 2, 2013   Reply →

    I know what you mean about the cloud. For me, riding a bike is the nearest thing to that dream everyone has where you’re flying without any effort and it feels wonderful.

  • Daniel October 5, 2013   Reply →

    I’m happier when I ride but it isn’t faster than driving. But riding isn’t that much longer when I’m in shape from longer, faster summer rides. And my ride time depends on how lucky I am with lights. I live just far out of town so that I don’t experience that “biking is faster than driving” effect observed by city cyclists.

  • bicyclefanatic October 5, 2013   Reply →

    I am also considered athletic because I ride. But in actual fact I am. My resting pulse rate is the same as an athlete and all I do is bike all over instead of drive and go for the occasional walk. I love biking for this!

    PS your cartoons are creative and intelligent. You probably know this already but you have a lot of artistic talent!

  • Nick October 10, 2013   Reply →

    My standard reply is, “The more I bicycle, the more I can drink without getting a beer gut!”

  • Jean October 11, 2013   Reply →

    Yup, I was the last-kid-to-be-chosen-for-baseball team. Now cycling as part of my lifestyle and for touring over past 22 yrs., must put me in the racks of super jockette? Ok, considering I have zero interest in competitive cycling. I don’t even randonneur.

    My response about cycling: I don’t have to pay fitness fees. Just my gear from time to time. Same as paying for car gas.

  • Lars Hartviksen March 7, 2014   Reply →

    Are you ME?!

  • Shawn January 5, 2015   Reply →

    Most of the time when people would comment on my bike, they’d say something like “You ride your bike? That must be good exercise!” (Some used to say “You must save a lot on gas!” but no one says that anymore now that gas is near $2 a gallon).
    Then I’d point to my fat gut and correct them by saying “Exercise? No, not really. You have to sweat to get a good workout. I ride my bike because it’s easy! (My bikes only go about 10-12 mph. Health benefits? What health benefits? Hasn’t done anything for my weight, high blood pressure or cholesterol).
    Later I realized what they’re REALLY saying is that exercise (or saving gas) is the ONLY reason they’d get out of their car and on a bike. That survey where 60% of people were ‘interested’ in learning more about bike riding/may have a latent desire to ride a bike? All lies told to the survey takers.

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