Not Athletic

Because people notice I bike somehow I keep finding myself in this conversation:

Not Athletic

It’s funny people think I’m athletic. Obviously they didn’t know me way back when.

Not Athletic

I only survived gym class because I pretended to be really angry when the game didn’t go my way. Taking a game too seriously seemed to be the way to be taken seriously when playing sports.

Not Athletic

And I haven’t gotten any more athletic after that. I’ve just found a lifestyle that works for me.

Not Athletic

Commuting by bike doesn’t have to be an athletic undertaking. It just takes time to get used to it.

And now that it’s second nature for me I find myself having awkward moments like this:

Not Athletic


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Marge Evans

you comic is perfect. I have never been “athletic”. I like to ride because it is fun and less stress. In fact I get stressed when I have to drive.


Bikeyface – SO GOOD! I hope it’s okay, I’m linking to this post in my post for tomorrow because I think it’s too good not to share. I also wanted to use the first image in the post… is that alright? Obviously it’s attributed to you. If you want it taken down, please let me know:)

Keep up the great work!



Nail it again!! It’s not about the bike or the body. It’s about the brain.

Alexa Mergen

Yes, happiness! Bikes are happy things. Love your drawings. Thanks.


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