Romancing the Bike

It seems some people can’t see anything romantic about biking in the city. To me, that seems ridiculous.

Bicycling is full of meet-cute situations, laughter, and the chance of romance all with a beautiful city backdrop- just like in a movie. Except it’s better than a movie because you can live it.

Romancing the Bike

In this world, the bicycles play a role too.

Romancing the Bike

They easily bring characters together on wheels.

Romancing the Bike

And once together, they get to go beautiful places. Even if it’s just to work.

Romancing the Bike

Bikes might be the most romantic machine ever.

Romancing the Bike

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Being in the process of marrying a dude I met while on a bike myself, I could not agree more with this!

Opus the Poet



AWW!!! Love this!


Being a dude on a bike, I can testify to the fact that people are more attractive when they are riding a bike. Having a certain disposition, I could claim that it’s just women who are more attractive when biking, but I have to give myself some credit too.

Ryan Grimm

Well, apart from the cupcakes (I’d do tea, cheese and crackers; I carry a brew kit), I’d do the same.
And have, actually…I’m weird that way.

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