Romancing the Bike

It seems some people can’t see anything romantic about biking in the city. To me, that seems ridiculous.

Bicycling is full of meet-cute situations, laughter, and the chance of romance all with a beautiful city backdrop- just like in a movie. Except it’s better than a movie because you can live it.

Romancing the Bike

In this world, the bicycles play a role too.

Romancing the Bike

They easily bring characters together on wheels.

Romancing the Bike

And once together, they get to go beautiful places. Even if it’s just to work.

Romancing the Bike

Bikes might be the most romantic machine ever.

Romancing the Bike

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36 Responses to “Romancing the Bike”

  • GeLa

    Being in the process of marrying a dude I met while on a bike myself, I could not agree more with this!

  • Liz

    AWW!!! Love this!

  • RedBike

    Being a dude on a bike, I can testify to the fact that people are more attractive when they are riding a bike. Having a certain disposition, I could claim that it’s just women who are more attractive when biking, but I have to give myself some credit too.

  • Ryan Grimm

    Well, apart from the cupcakes (I’d do tea, cheese and crackers; I carry a brew kit), I’d do the same.
    And have, actually…I’m weird that way.

  • Ken

    Now where do we find a dating site for bicyclists?

  • Wendy

    Automobiles carried humanity away. Bicycles brought humanity back.

  • Marge Evans

    my first ‘date’ with my husband, he took me on a 25 mile bicycle ride. I ate Vietnamese food for the first time. We still talk about it. now thousands of miles later we are still together.

  • Very cute. I’d LOVE it if a dude chatted me up about my bike, or asked me out on a date in the context of biking. Sadly, it’s only happened once. *sigh*

    • Ken

      I’d love to chat up a fellow cyclist. But I never know when the light is going to turn green…

    • Ryan Grimm

      So yell at him to pull over…I presume his brakes will work…. :)

    • Ryan Grimm

      Annalisa, I’m sure some guy would be very interested if YOU chatted HIM up, LOL.
      All part of Biking Empowerment!

    • Ah, very nice, fellas. Point taken. Maybe I’ll do just that.

    • Daniel

      I once road in towards Boston with you when you were riding an ANT. Being married, I wasn’t chatting you up but I was checking out your bike.

    • Haha! Hi Daniel, I remember it well. It was a very nice conversation, AND you showed me a new route, so thank you for that!

    • Daniel

      It was fun riding in with you. I’m happy to hear that you remember the route. It’s still my favorite way into town. Hopefully I’ll see you on the road again.

  • We’ve been married 12 years, and our absolute favorite date night is a bike ride to a good restaurant, a walk somewhere scenic, ride to the neighborhood bar for a beer, ride home. When the babysitter arrives, we run out the door and jump onto our bikes like kids getting out of school.

  • After getting over my “Squee!” moment and getting a chance to reflect, this is an example of the differences between cycling and driving. Bicycles engage us in the environment, allowing personal interaction (positive or negative, see the “wrong way dude” panel in the above comic), where cars are designed to isolate us from the environment even trying to make this a selling point.

  • This sort of happened to me this morning! Stopped at a red light, a guy rolls up beside me on the very bike I’ve had my eye on to buy next. I ask him if he likes it how it rides, Im told it’s great and super light. We smile and ride on. I take a detour along the lake path, he sticks to the quicker route through traffic, A little while later, we pass again and as we do he says, ‘Hi bike buddy!” and waves. It’s not always about the romance, it can be able meeting really nice like-minded people too :)

    Sometimes I really love my city.

  • Les Murray

    I remember cycling along a quiet street in Green Bay beside a cute girl holding hands. Thanks for bringing back that memory. I was 17.

  • RCGood

    Good stuff! My partner and I met at a bike shop. Turned out we lived in the same direction, so I asked her if she’d like to ride together on the way home. I asked her out during that ride home, and we went on a date by bike. And we still go on dates by bike!

  • twk

    I met my wife on a bike ride. We got a tandem when we got married. We still ride all the time and is one way we spend quality time together. One of the best parts is no complaints about all the bikes parked in the garage. She has more than me!

    • Sylvia

      Though my husband and I didn’t meet through cycling, we are both avid cyclists, and use bicycles as our primary mode of transit. We have decided that, since the ideal number of bikes for an individual to own is n+1 (where n is the number of bikes they currently own), the ideal number for a couple is n+2, so that we can always have the same number of bikes. I won’t complain about him buying another bike, as long as I get one too! :D

  • My cycling club put on a community bike repair event as a fund raiser and I met a delightful biker there….

  • Glenn

    mmm cupcakes, nomnomnom

  • Ryan

    This hasn’t happened to me, yet. I’m on my bicycle every single day. I’m not out to find love, love has to find me. I’m just there for the adventure. It’s out there.

  • I so love this post! In full on 50’s poodle skirt style today on my commuter, I got a wolf whistle and, well, I loved it! When I first met my husband I told him I wanted to ride across the US. He said he would love to do that. I said, I’m serious, you can’t just say that to me. He said, I am. And we’ve been married almost 10 years.

    • twk

      My wife want to cross the US as well. We have been talking about it for years. We are planning to do it in 2015 on the tandem. Hope you get to make the grand tour too.

  • Hi! Great comic and nice thoughts on bike and love!
    It’s just so true, I didn’t met my wife in a bike, but the bike make us share some rides in which we can feel the love between us.
    That’s why we did this short films with some friends:‎
    hope you like it!
    Greetings from Mexico

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