See the Lights

The other day I was biking home after work when out of nowhere…

See the Lights

It gets dark early these days. That means lights are something to plan on having. But even some folks that technically have lights don’t make it easy to see them.

See the Lights

So make sure to remember your lights, but also make sure they are visible.

See the Lights

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this is the best website ever! thanks from a NYer!


I’d like to add a special thank you to the joggers on my dual-use path route home who attach lights to their collars or wear LED wrist/ankle bands & belts. I really don’t want to run you over or off the path, but I can’t see you in your dark jogging clothes and that little reflective logo in the small of your back ain’t enough.


I like to use the two rear light system.
One on my helmet and one on the back of my rack / saddle bag
Use two different types of lights (different flash patterns).
Everyone I talk to says they can see me very well.
A driver once stopped and thanked me for using lights because she could see me

A few years ago I bought a string of battery powered xmas lights – about 10 feet. I wrap it around my torso. People see me. They either laugh or make some other comment. I could care less. They see me and they avoid me – either because I’m flashy or because they think I’m nuts. Who cares. Please steal my idea. Now is the time to get the lights. Just don’t patent it… share it with the world.. You can also buy runners led harnesses etc. Lots of stuff to light up the torso – It’s more effective than… Read more »
Im going to take your Idea, I mostly ride in the daylight.. but Im usually a clown when I do that.. I make sure people notice me.. and get a good smile for the day.. my daughter has often told me Im going to cause a wreck with my hilarity.. but I stay on the bike path when I have one and mind my manners when riding with traffic.( i got hit this time last year in broad daylight with a hunter orange shirt on by an 83 year old man that would not have been able to see me… Read more »

Yeah, definitely, have had to be more alert for the “ninja bikers.” They tend to dress in black (or dark colors), ride with no reflectors — never mind lights — who give themselves away in the darkness only by a whooshing sound as they speed by a few feet away…