Traffic Talk

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing worse than spending hours of your life stuck in car traffic, is spending even more hours of your life talking about it.

Traffic Talk 1

Traffic Talk 2

Traffic Talk 3

Traffic Talk 4

Traffic Talk 5

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47 Responses to “Traffic Talk”

  • Tim D.

    Oh, and the ad nauseum rants about parking too.

    • Per Edman

      Parking? Don’t you mean the whining about parking tickets for parking freaking anywhere they like?

    • Thanks for reminding me of “the old days” biking around Boston. It ALWAYS took me half the time to bike anywhere in Boston or Cambridge as it took folks to drive!

  • Last panel FTW forever!!!1!!11!

  • martin

    yessss! IT WAS AWESOME! :D

    made my day, ride on. really like your comics.

  • MarkC

    When I used to drive to work, there was no other practical way of getting there…let’s just say, I can understand road rage…

  • vippi

    As always, great job.

  • Your work just keeps getting better. Just amazing. Bravo!

  • Carrie

    The other day I listened to a woman, a very proper, older woman discuss the things you should never discuss as they are quite boring to your listeners. Among the list was traffic stories (also dreams, health, sleep problems…).

    • ScottEric


    • Hünky-Doorsy

      Sounds like this older woman had no empathy. Those with no empathy have no patience for other’s problems. I hope our artist doesn’t complain as these people do when it rains or snows, ’cause for the biking population, that’s how it goes! Those of us on both sides know car problems suck, and bike problems suck. I don’t have kids but I can listen to other’s talk about their kids and issues without judgement. I do like the comic, tho…

    • John H

      @Hünky-Doorsy: Plenty of us ride in the rain and snow; it’s not a big deal with the proper clothes.

    • Heidi Senior

      That was on This American Life. And to be fair, they were things you shouldn’t discuss at a dinner party.

  • Steve

    I love your cartoons, and I am even more impressed by your attitude about everything.

    You show me there is hope, i just fail miserably at changing things. But thank you for showing me that there is so much more out there.

  • Charlie

    You can also replace all the traffic talk with ranting about how terrible the T was… super crowded, had to wait for two more trains, train broke down, annoying people with backpacks, doors wouldn’t open, etc…

  • Made me think of a great sign I heard about: “YOU’RE NOT STUCK IN TRAFFIC, YOU ARE TRAFFIC”.
    As always, your cartoon is great!

  • Lindsey

    I hear you, though I’ve spent plenty of time with other bicyclists comparing routes, bemoaning road/trail conditions, the wind, bad drivers, etc. :) I’d imagine that’s just as boring for a driver to over hear. I think people like to commiserate.

    • Yep, misery loves company :-) Nice cartoon BTW; But understandable; There are LOTS of people who would love to be riding their bikes to work but find it impossible to do so for a myriad of reasons and unfortunately end up in traffic messes – I doubt any of them “enjoy” them…

  • Kathy

    It’s life, you know? Sometimes it’s traffic, sometimes it’s public transit, sometimes it’s about being doored. Everyone can have equal time. I purposefully do not rant about my car commutes to coworkers. And not everyone can bike to work for many reasons. Still I like your cartoons. :)

    • Hünky-Doorsy

      I agree. I have a trade and HAVE to drive a van to my work wherever that may be all around the city. I could never pull 2000 lbs of tools and supplies via bike! I kinda wish I had the luxury of a “bike-to-work” desk job. Whoops, I guess… am I complaining? Not really I guess

    • Kevin Love

      My 12-year-old daughter can easily pull 2000 lbs on a bike trailer. So sorry to read that you cannot.

  • chris morris


  • Joseph

    Thanks! I used to live in Bethesda where traffic was bad and people complained. Just like in the comic after they would all complain, I would say my 3 mile bike ride was great. Along the rock creek bike path. And twice it snowed so bad they couldn’t get their cars out of the lot and I could bike home, but carefully. Now live in a not so bad traffic town but I still bike now 10 miles to work and is still great.

  • Joe

    Reminded me of an episode of This American Life: Who really wants to hear about traffic anyway?

  • I’m moving somewhere where the biking is awesome and safe. I don’t know where that is, but Texas ain’t it!

  • morlamweb

    I have the same feeling about the traffic reports on the morning news: “Mass Pike jammed… blah blah blah accident on 93-South blah blah route 24’s a parking lot up to 128 blah blah…” Fortunately, the traffic segment’s usually short and easy to ignore, unless there’s some horrendous accident or truly noteworthy traffic jams to report. I usually don’t have any traffic problems on my short commute to work : ) Great work as always, Bikeyface. I only recently found your blog, too; a recent MassBike newsletter linked to your See the Lights post, which I followed and now I follow your blog! You have a real knack for putting into words and pictures the feelings of many people-who-ride-bikes around Mass and elsewhere.

  • Uncle Robot

    I have dreamed of the day when the complaint is: “All those damn bicyclists were blocking and slowing traffic”.

  • Per Edman

    One thing for the carborne:

    You’re not stuck in traffic. You ARE traffic.

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