A Place to Ride

Bike are a popular present for Christmas. And no doubt many kids are jumping with excitement about their new bicycles right now. However, very soon they will get wise to the nature of the world.

Someplace to Ride

Someplace to Ride

Someplace to Ride

Yep, within a few months they’ll know what they want next Christmas.

Someplace to Ride

So let’s help deliver it to them this year.

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Sad, Sad, and very True.

Turn those images into a poster with an overriding caption at the bottom exclaiming, “Reverse This!”

Nicholas Richter
We actually have something like that in Sacramento, on a somewhat smaller scale. There’s a place called Safetyville (http://safetycenter.org/safetyville-usa/) that’s a miniature (and somewhat rundown at this point, sadly) version of Sacramento (with notable local landmarks). They have minature streets with bike lanes, traffic signals, light rail tracks and stop signs. In the summer time they have free family bike nights where kids can come and practice riding their bikes. It was great for my daughter (now 5) last summer. Since it’s so small, it’s hard for the kids to actually observe all of the traffic signs and signals all… Read more »
Anders Plato

No you don´t need that. You need a city there children can ride there bike. A city which are planned for the people not the cars.

Opus the Poet

Yes, Dutch infrastructure for everyone 8-80! 😛

Martin Turner

Wooh, yeah, right – you tell ’em!

Everything you produce hits the nail.


I love it, thanks!

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