A Place to Ride

Bike are a popular present for Christmas. And no doubt many kids are jumping with excitement about their new bicycles right now. However, very soon they will get wise to the nature of the world.

Someplace to Ride

Someplace to Ride

Someplace to Ride

Yep, within a few months they’ll know what they want next Christmas.

Someplace to Ride

So let’s help deliver it to them this year.

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Jay B

Yeah, the whole banned-in-the-park thing is baffling. I’ll accede the Public Garden to pedestrians; but the Common is so beautiful on a bike! (I learned this before I noted the No Bikes symbol at the entry….)

I’d endure a speed limit in it in exchange for making it legal to ride in it.

Just an anonymous pedestrian and dog walker, bikes in the park are banned because being silently zoomed up on (the definition of which depends heavily on which side of the zooming you are on) and passed by bikes is startling, and my dog’s been almost hit at least three times. If bikers could use a bell- I’m totally happy to have you there. And little kids on bikes certainly don’t make me mad. Just keep in mind- a pedestrian cannot hear you coming. At all. I’m sure it’s a matter of a few jerks ruining it for everyone, but it’s… Read more »

Yep, we have paved trails where a bell is required & its common courtesy to call out. iPodded pedestrians still complain. I think bells & speed limits are great for mixed traffic. Our area is getting “shared bike use” signs every mile or so, that has seemed to bring cars to being more considerate.

Steve Harper

When I was growing up if you got a bike for Christmas and wanted to go for a ride the response would have been, “Wouldn’t you rather go sledding instead?”


I am actually trying to reply to the post above that doesn’t have a reply button…From an anonymous cyclist: If pedestrians would take the headphones out of their ears, they could actually hear the bell or a cyclist saying they are about to pass them. Yet, about 80% of the ones I encounter on a trail don’t seem to think listening to loud music on a shared trail is a safety issue.


Is that a VC’er in panel three?


how sad…. but oh, so true

Marge Evans

YES!!!! make this happen!!!!