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Thanks to you, bikeyface, I’ve started biking to work year round. In the past I would’ve retreated to the car for winter commutes, but this year, I’ve been riding every day. I bought fenders and luggage rack & bag – the former following a ride in particularly heavy rain, the later to avoid the backpack-sweaty back problem – this year. I bought a high-powered light to see where I’m going. And I left the workout clothes in the drawer and just bike in my work clothes. The roads where I ride aren’t nearly as busy in your comic – I’m… Read more »
Opus the Poet

I used to bike commute a touch over 20 miles each day in TX by going multi-mode (carry the bike on the bus during the heat of the day, ride 15+ miles home after the bus quit running because I was working 2nd shift). I would frequently see restaurant workers on my way home from the office, but always in singles.


While it’s nice to see a lot of other bike commuters, y’all would be most jealous if you got to see what my daily commute looks like. In my seven mile ride, on a busy day, I usually see three or four motor vehicles and no other cyclists. On a good day, I don’t see any of either. Yeah, it’s tough, but somebody has to do it. Have fun with yours.


I used to love winter commuting, because there were so few cyclists, and I had the MUPs to myself. Now I have to share. I guess it’s a good thing 🙂

Bob T.
I live in New Jersey 15 miles north of Newark. My commute is to Newark International Airport and I have never let the winter stop me from my commutes to work. I may not do it every day but I try to make an effort to go out and ride to work and back. For the most part it is not that bad, sometimes it feels pretty neat to be out there looking at the Passaic River when it has ice on it or after it snows and view the changes of the seasons. Today’s ride start temp was 31F… Read more »
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