Finding My Voice

Sometimes when you’re on a bike, you need to make some noise. And I don’t mean a bicycle bell.

Finding My Voice

Watching others, it seems yelling works best. People naturally respond when they hear a human voice in crisis. However, I’ve always been more of the creative introverted type that prefers drawing thoughtful illustrations than drawing attention by yelling.

Finding My Voice

But being a creative introvert hasn’t proved good in urgent situations. So I decided to take a class in yelling from an expert.

Finding My Voice

I was a horribly untalented student, but very determined. I worked hard and practiced whenever I got the chance.

Finding My Voice

So now I think I’ve finally mastered it: a yell so loud it stops drivers in their tracks.

Finding My Voice

But I really wish drivers wouldn’t make me demonstrate it for them.




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Hal Ballard

While I agree to your premise about raising your voice, too much information is too much information. A passing dialogue isn’t heard or regarded. For example, as I was passing through an intersection, a motorist coming from my left entered too quickly and may have hit me if I hadn’t shouted HEY!!!
She ended up following me the 4 blocks from that point to where I turned into my driveway. There was ample room to pass, but I believe she got rattled and preferred to let me lead. It was a residential district, wit ha speed limit of 25MPH.


Been there, done that! It’s hard to speak up for myself, that is, until my life is threatened. Then I shout as loud as I can.


@Hal Ballard, I think the shouted “conversations” were just for comedic effect. On the occasions where I’ve had to shout to warn drivers away from hitting me, I’ve never needed more than a “hey”. Granted, it was with a deep male voice and shouted as loud as I can, but usually that’s all that’s needed. Fortunately, I’ve only rarely had to shout at drivers.


I’ve had a well placed, loud and staccato “Hey!” stop a car that was about to right-hook me.

What makes driver think that as long as they get their passenger mirror past you it’s OK to jam their wheels to the right?

Anyway, the driver was so committed to the turn and so startled, s/he had to wave off and miss the turn. Heheeeee…


I’ve shouted loudly enough to have laryngitis for a short period later in the day. It’s easier to yell instinctively than it is to reach for a horn button or bell. Some situations are more dire than others.

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