Everybody Get a Bike

Recently there was a report how to sell people on biking. Turns out that even though safety is a real concern, dwelling on safety messages kind of turns people off.

Is this really that surprising? Any salesperson would understand why.

Selling Bikes

(That’s why fine print was invented.)

So this got me thinking about advertising bicycling. What kind of messages would sell people on it? Probably the same things that sold me.

First of all, it’s easier to get things done:

Selling Bikes

While saving time on errands you also get exercise:

Selling Bikes

Oh, and if you are looking to make friends bikes can help with that too.

Selling Bikes

And if you found that you have one too many “friends”  you can bike away from them.

Selling Bikes

So for positive bike messages that’s: exercise, quick errands, more time, less stress, enjoying time with friends, space when you need it, and more cake. That’s an easy sell, right? Now I just need some TV air time so I can make everybody get a bike.

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Tim D.

Some of us ride simply because we have fun doing it. I mean really, how many people do you know who have fun on their way to work and home again?

Darren Leslie

Well, me for one. I have fun riding my bike 🙂


I also enjoy riding to work by bike (and passing all those cars, which are stuck in rush hour). But more than that, I enjoying it riding back home. 🙂


I have fun commuting by subway with my kid. Biking with him to and from work would stress…me…out!

I suddenly realize why there’s a spike in heart attacks when it snows. Sure, some is from sedentary people suddenly shoveling. But I’ll bet a statistically significant number of heart attacks are from drivers – impatient as a baseline, driven totally insane at not being able to pass on the right (in the bike lans – sorry, that’s where we pile our snow!), or blast through red lights or take corners at 35moh or… You get my point. Drivers are extra angry in the snow, and some bring on that massive coronary their sedentary lifestyle demands when they take to… Read more »
Bill S.

Every adult cyclist I know also drives a car. Most of them own a car. I don’t buy the us vs. them idea when we talk about cyclists and drivers. I favor coexistence of the 2 transport modes and increasing awareness, so people will make thoughtful, healthy choices when they need transportation.

Opus the Poet

Definite like! Especially panel 3. I’m an example of definition 2 of “cyclist” : “Eating machine on 2 wheels”.


TV AIR TIME!!! That’s a great idea.
Let’s get it started on kickstarter.com

Uli Fiedler

I’d be in

Una Nelson-White
I know the creep on the bus. I have met him and his kind a million times on the bus. I love it when I do not have to deal with him, when I ride my bike. Thank God it is sunny, 98% of the time, here in Southern California, so I can ride my bike all year round. I recently got my bike stolen and I was so broken up and tearful, that my Dad bought me a new bike the same day of the theft. He knew I would be like a fish without water, without a bike… Read more »
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