If You Were Me

The other day I vented to an acquaintance about an issue that’s frustrated me this winter. However, this led to several more issues for me to be frustrated about.

If You Were Me

For a moment I actually felt bad for picking this battle.

But I knew this person. And if she were me, it would go like this.

If You Were Me

Yes, and drivers wouldn’t take this sort of response either.

So I made a resolution to speak up more. I don’t deserve to be treated as lesser than other commuters.


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Well said! Cyclists are often treated as second class citizens, even though we do more to help the environment than most other road users.
I get tired of being seen as a nuisance by car drivers, despite us reducing congestion and therefore improving their journey!

Mr Butts

Right on….

Yeah. I actually feel safer riding my bike in the winter than my car.


Thanks so much for this! I’m encouraged to speak up more in Chicago, too. You always have the best messages (accompanied by some lovely drawings). Keep ’em coming! 😀


Totally agree. Luckily, I can solve the problem by parking my bike locked to a table in a hallway right outside my office. As a biker, I always get the best winter parking place!


I’ve been expressing my dissatisfaction with how cycling (and pedestrian!) facilities are being treated all winter, and for several years. Thanks for putting it so well!

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