If I Owned the Road

Recently I found myself in this situation:

If I Owned the Road

And I wished I could show this dude what would happen if I really did own the road. Things would be very different.

If I Owned the Road

I wouldn’t have to take the lane ever again. People would have their roads back, and they’d be safer because…

If I Owned the Road

Bad behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

If I Owned the Road

And parking wouldn’t be so free and flowing.

If I Owned the Road

And that’s just the beginning.

If I Owned the Road

No, drivers don’t realize how easy they have it. But, how about we make it a little easier for people?

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Opus the Poet

Oh, I am so linking to this in my blog tomorrow…

As someone who loves riding his bicycle long distance *and* drives a truck for a living, please realize that many of us truckers do NOT want to drive the rig in the city –particularly Northeastern cities. We KNOW we should not be there, ergo we do NOT want to be there. The problem is our dispatchers and our salesfolk who cluelessly overpromise a clueless client, and force us to be there. It is not by choice that we drive in the city. For the center of Boston, a strict limit of 24 feet in length for motor-vehicles should be imposed,… Read more »

should have distro centers on the outsides of the city, and bike trailer the goods into town! haha!


Great to hear this perspective.


“Horns would be as loud inside sara as outside”


Vocus Dwabe
Bikeyface, there is a country where cyclists already have all of the items on your wish-list – and more. Three clues for you: (i) it begins with an “N” in the official version and an “H” in the colloquial one, (ii) much of it lies below sea level and its inhabitants are given to wearing wooden shoes and (iii) you went there on holiday last year: that is, unless you were sitting in Boston and made it all up. Did you wear your trademark helmet when you cycled in that country? On the evidence of your drawings you didn’t. And… Read more »

love the one about the horn…as loud inside as out…brilliant

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