If I Owned the Road

Recently I found myself in this situation:

If I Owned the Road

And I wished I could show this dude what would happen if I really did own the road. Things would be very different.

If I Owned the Road

I wouldn’t have to take the lane ever again. People would have their roads back, and they’d be safer because…

If I Owned the Road

Bad behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

If I Owned the Road

And parking wouldn’t be so free and flowing.

If I Owned the Road

And that’s just the beginning.

If I Owned the Road

No, drivers don’t realize how easy they have it. But, how about we make it a little easier for people?

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Vocus Dwabe > How did things end up like that? Because enough people wanted it, and back in the 1970s refused to listen to the traffic planners who, even in that country, were already trying to consign the bicycle to the museum as an everyday means of transport.

“How the Dutch got their cycle paths”

Bex Hill

Wish that would happen in England.

Uncle Robot

Fabulous Bikey Face – how about adding these – tailpipes would exhaust into the cars and trucks; operators of vehicles left idling would be required to apologize in public while locked in stocks; motorcyclists with loud bikes would be required to have the pipes exhaust into their ears; owners of useless vanity trucks would be required to donate them to developing countries – oh if I were King things would change. But alas, more drastic change is going to be forced upon us as the atmosphere heats up and climate change drastically alters our lives.

Actually, our motorcycle pipes are right under our ears. Congratulations! One of your dreams has come true! We actually hear them the ENTIRE time we’re on our bikes! Imagine that! Maybe those annoying pipes stopped you from blowing a stop sign, then from watching us get carted off in an ambulance while you tend to your skinned knee. For reals, though… No need to pick on other two wheeled riders who are, more often than not, at more risk of great physical injury than you are. If we cannot be friends, can we, at least, unite in the face of… Read more »

Hey, Uncle Robot, if you don’t like your tailpipe sound, why did you even got that loud bike? It was your choice to ride that damn bawling machine not others’ still we all have to listen. Even worse, I assume your helmet does a good job dampening the noise unlike for others; or are we supposed to wear earplugs just because you might appear behind the corner?


Love your drawings and your outlook on biking….I SO wish YOU owned the road 🙂


Improper pluralization with apostrophes . . . .AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH make it stop

Marge Evans

I LOVE this! you did it again, and made my day!